Hispanics in Social Media

We are not all the same!

As the Hispanic market continues to expand in the U.S., more and more companies are targeting this ever- growing segment of the population through social media initiatives. A 2011 TeleNoticias-LatinoWire Hispanic Social Media Survey found that when marketers employ social media to engage with Hispanic consumers they turn toFacebook (84%), Twitter (62%), YouTube (42%) and Blogs (40%)

As a Hispanic who spends a rather large amount of time in the online space, I find it interesting that often we are still lumped together as one big group of people, as if we all behaved the same. It might come as a surprise to some but some of us like to get our messaging in English. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully bilingual, 100% proud of my Mexican background and I communicate with some friends and family in Spanish in person and online, but I like my promotions in English. Some friends of mine, on the other hand, are much more interested in Spanish promotions.

So why does this matter?

More often than not Hispanics are targeted on the basis of language and/or culture, and as Jose Villa from MediaPost.com points out, “most online Hispanics are comfortable reading and writing in English.” Moreover, the growth of the Hispanic market is happening thanks to the American-born children of immigrants, who are “bilingual, bicultural and increasingly influential within their multi-generational households.” so it is important that you know who in the Hispanic market you are targeting.

Key Takeaways: Before launching your campaigns, you should have thorough research of what segment of the Hispanic population you want to target and then use that to develop your Hispanic market strategy – It is not just simply having a Spanish version of your ads and promotions, or simply having a Spanish Facebook page – something I unfortunately see quite too often. As experts, we need to delve into the needs and wants of our target market and truly understand their online behavior to have successful campaigns –this holds true for regular campaigns and for Hispanic ones.

Just targeting Hispanics as one group that thinks and behaves alike is no longer enough. With all the great measuring tools out there, you can see that we, as a growing group, are all different and are as diverse as the population overall.  Make sure you do your homework and find out what we like, how we navigate and utilize the online social space, and how we like our information before reaching out to us!

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