OgilvyEntertainment’s short film for IBM featured in Adweek

This week’s data issue of Adweek prominently features OgilvyEntertainment’s touching short film “Solutions for An Aging Population” for client IBM. For his column “The Spot,” Adweek author Tim Nudd examines how the branded content piece was orchestrated – from ideation to execution – and the collaborative partners involved. In particular, Tim uncovers why Ogilvy used longer-form storytelling to showcase our client’s technology in action

In the words of OgilvyEntertainment’s President Doug Scott: “Short form film, or long-form content, really lets you open up a topic…A storyteller can truly allow the topic, the character and the story to give a full view of what the brand is trying to convey.”

Visit IBM’s Smarter Ideas page on Huffington Post here and the “Solutions for An Aging Population” film page here.

Learn more about the project on OgilvyEntertainment’s blog here.

A Lesson In Effective Community Management – AOL & The Huffington Post


AOL just announced it is paying $315 million to buy the liberal news commentary site The Huffington Post; a move coming not long after forking out $25 million to buy TechCrunch, a Silicon Valley technology news blog.

Founder Arianna Huffington‘s decision to fold her ground breaking community-based news site into one of the web’s struggling legacy Internet companies came as a surprise to many, in the same way Michael Arrington‘s Big Announcement at TechCrunch Disrupt last year managed to upstage all the start ups at the event.

Why the Huffington Post?  It has been wildly successful due to several factors, including its ability to find stories across the Web, couple them with well-created headlines and ensure a strong audience sees them. It is also popular as a progressive American news website.Yet the main factor that attracted AOL could in fact be the Huffington Post‘s community.

In addition to columns by Arianna Huffington and a core group of contributors the site has over 3,000 bloggers. These range from politicians and celebrities to academics and policy experts to Digital Influence’s Kety Esquivel all of whom contribute in real time, on a wide-range of topics.

In any vibrant community, online or off, people connect with each other because:

  1. They can do so easily and confidently
  2. They keep coming back because they satisfy certain needs or wants by taking part
  3. They feel their contributions are valued and can identify with the wider community group and its goals

All factors which until now, have been prevalent at the Huffington Post during its five-plus years of existence, with over one million comments made on the site each month. However, it is this community management which is exactly where new owner AOL is walking a fine line.

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