New Study on Twitter: Primary #Mobile Users are 63% More Likely to Click on Links

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Twitter recently published results to their new Compete study: Primary mobile users on Twitter. Twitter worked with Compete to draw insight on how mobile Twitter users in the U.S. engage with the platform.

Here are seven stats to know from the study:

1)   60% of Twitter’s 200 million active users log in via a mobile device at least once every month.

2)   Compete found that 18 to 34 year olds are 52% more likely to be logging into Twitter primarily via a mobile device.

  • Insight from Twitter: Who you follow is also a strong indicator of what you care about.

3)   Twitter users are 3x more likely to use Twitter during their commutes.

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4)   Social TV and Twitter inside the home. 66% use Twitter in front of the TV at home. Primarily mobile users are 32% more likely than the average Twitter user to use the platform while they are watching television.

5)   Primary mobile users are 63% more likely to click on links, 78% more likely to retweet, and 85% more likely to favorite a tweet.

6)   The study found that primarily mobile Twitter users are 2x as likely to use Twitter when they are out with friends.

  • Quick insight for the marketer: According to this study, campaigns should encourage Twitter engagement with friends in close proximity.

7)   The average Twitter user follows five or more brands. Users who primarily access Twitter on mobile are 96% more likely to follow 11 or more brands. They are also 58% more likely to recall seeing an ad on Twitter than the average Twitter user.

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As mobile users become more attached to their devices (57% of primary mobile users are less likely to use Twitter on desktop), advertisers should not attempt to force a desired behavior, but focus campaigns on behavior that’s currently transpiring.

Click here to read the full study along with advertising insights from Twitter.

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Mobile + Social = Mocial

This post first appeared on WOMMA’s All Things WOMM blog

Mobile Drives Adoption of Social Media in 2012

If a company wants to connect at a faster pace with its customers in social forums, it should build a mobile engagement and content strategy to reach them at a faster clip.

In a recent study released by Nielsen, consumers now spend around 20% of their total time online using social networks via their personal computers and 30% of their time online visiting social networks on mobile. In addition, time spent on social media in the U.S. across both platforms grew 37% to reach 121 billion minutes in July 2012, up from 88 billion minutes in July 2011.

Mobile devices are aiding in growing these numbers, with consumers’ time spent using social media mobile apps and mobile websites accounting for 63% of the year-over-year growth. Forty-six percent of social media users say they use their smartphones to access social media, and 16% say they use social media on a tablet.

This makes the need for all social campaigns to think “mobile first” in order to capture this growing dynamic.

Here are three key takeaways for adopting Mocial:

  1. When thinking of social programs, think mobile first. More consumers are engaging at a more rapid rate on mobile devices than ever before.
  2. Time spent on social is synonymous with mobile. When people login, they are 30% more likely to be accessing through a smartphone or tablet than a PC
  3. Social TV is no longer a fad. Engaging on social networks while watching TV is a behavior picking up steam with just under 50% of tablet/smartphone owners.