10 Second Rule

The 10 Second Rule

Content and brand strategy are inextricable–and both depend on fulfilling the promises you make to consumers.

The following excerpt first appeared on O&M’s page on Fast Company

Two-thirds of the conversation about any brand in existence today is generated from outside the company that creates and markets that brand. Brands are being defined, in many cases, by customers, consumers, influencers, prospects, policymakers, and other sources instead of through owned and paid content a brand distributes about itself. And that content earned through conversation is even more crucial to brand strategy than what the company develops. Brands have had to upend the way they communicate to grapple with that conversational content. This world is instantaneous and ubiquitous, and as a result, brand strategy and experience must be considered every ten seconds, not every ten years. Brands are continuously kneaded, rolled and shaped–by both devotees and detractors–and content about the brand often takes on a life of its own. The kids have the car keys. Pandora’s box is open. There’s no going back.

This can work tremendously well for a brand that has an authentic position and stays true to its brand strategy. Consider Dove and The Campaign for Real Beauty. Several years old now, The Campaign for Real Beauty has rocked the world and made Dove’s brand strategy of real, natural beauty profoundly relevant to women, men and children everywhere through a combination of user-generated and brand-owned content.

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