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The 7 Types of Facebook Wall Content to Build Relationships

A lot of data has been spilled to reveal what type of content draws the most user engagement in Facebook. Every Community Manager on our global team knows what works best for their community. Followers and fans for brands like IBM, American Express, Ikea all learn what their community responds to beyond the obvious (pictures and video). The nuanced skills of a great community manager are too often overlooked. Brands often devolve into just broadcasting content or in publishing simply by the numbers. You can read a view of why quality matters in Facebook communities in my blog post here.

Molly and I put together a simple list of 7 Types of Content for Facebook to remind us all of the variety of ways we want to build productive relationships (long term value + short term advocacy and action) with fans. This is hardly exhaustive. Think of it as a checklist or guide.

What would you say are the 8th and 9th types of content?