The Bottle Music Machine

This post was written by Alberto Lizaralde and Fernando Zurita, Creative Directors at Ogilvy & Mather Madrid

In Spain the legislation does not allow any commercial communication of alcoholic beverages on TV or in any other conventional media. So the challenge in this case was to find a new way to integrate interesting content with an alcoholic beverage in compliance with the legal restrictions.

The objective was to present the new Ron Brugal bottle to our consumers in a modern, emotional and distinctive way. We decided to link Brugal to one of the things that most moves our consumers in today’s world: electronic music.

We created “The Bottle Music Machine”, a complex musical instrument comprising more than 100 Brugal Rum bottles, with which any consumer can create and interpret electronic music live by interacting directly with the new bottles. Each bottle was fitted with a different type of sensor: tactile, potentiometers, buttons, infrared, or gyroscopic. By touching, turning, moving or shaking the bottles, an electrical signal was received and decoded by a computer which generated sounds and samplers in real time.

Bottle-Music-Machine-11 Bottle-Music-Machine-05

Using “The Bottle Music Machine” we created an integrated campaign to present the new bottle to consumers. In addition to the interactive installation, we produced a series of online documentaries explaining the process of the creating the instrument. Using the bottles, two musicians composed a song that could be listened to and downloaded from the Internet. A Facebook application provided access to the construction blueprints and the list of components to enable consumers to build their own instrument at home. And a DJ show to which consumers were invited provided live proof of the instrument’s musical possibilities and showed the new bottles for the first time.

The process of creating the instrument was communicated as a challenge to tackle. The consumers were able to experience this challenge from the start, like a story with an uncertain ending. Neither the creators, nor the consumers knew for certain if “The Bottle Music Machine” would be a reality. The story was told in real time, causing expectation among consumers about the final result.


With a very low budget spent, the idea caused a considerable stir. More than 17,300 references to the project appeared in blogs and websites. The documentary series registered over 400,000 views. And, most importantly, consumers turned Brugal into Spain’s top-selling rum in that period.


Ogilvy & Mather Madrid team:

Creative direction:  Alberto Lizaralde / Fernando Zurita

General creative direction : Manuel Montes

Executive creative direction: Pedro Urbez

Account team: Paula Vizcaíno, Ruth Chamorro, Arancha Cornago

Planner: José Juanco

Agency producer: Eva Morales/Javier Bores

Interactive direction: SANTIAGO SÁNCHEZ-LOZANO

Interactive coordination: JAVIER MERLO MORENO