The Rise of the Visual Web

The Rise of the Visual Web

With the rapid popularity of Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, 2012 was a breakout year for visual content marketing. As social audiences access more and more social content through mobile devices, consumption habits trend toward succinct content with strong imagery and design. Learn how to make a picture worth a thousand words — and figure out how to cut through the legalese of those Terms of Service (ahem, Instagram…) and learn who really owns and can profit from the pictures you post.

During Social Media Week, we hosted several sessions around the world. “Show, Don’t Tell: The Rise of the Visual Web” was one of the panels that received a lot of attention. It was hosted by Social@Ogilvy’s Washington DC office and moderated by John Bell, Global Managing Director, Social@Ogilvy. Panelists included Mitch Gelman, Vice President of Product at Gannett Digital, Alejandra Owens, Managing Editor AARP Blog, Social Communications Advisor, Mark Coatney, Director and Media Evangelist at Tumblr, Aaron Murphy, VP and Associate Creative Director at Social@Ogivly.

Many have requested the video file from the panel’s live stream. Below you’ll find the video from the live stream and a graphic recording of some of the key highlights.

Graphic recording created during the panel by Lisa Nelson:


“Show, Don’t Tell: The Rise of the Visual Web”