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Three Tips for Creating Great Content, with Jamal Edwards

In June Vanity Fair and Intelligence Squared held their inaugural Digital Summit.OgilvyDo, Ogilvy’s online publishing arm was a media partner. I went along and had a chat with Jamal Edwards, CBE owner and founder of the hyper successful YouTube channel SBTV.

He’s a lovely chap and we had some fun banter. Along the way I asked him his top 3 tips for creating great content;

1. Take calculated risks; get the shot / interview / access you need for a great story and ask forgiveness later.

2. Tick at least two or three boxes that make your content something that your audience can relate to and they are far more likely to engage and share it;

  • Not covered by the mainstream media
  • Be funny
  • Shocking
  • Scary
  • Entertaining or
  • Nostalgic (this is a key one for SBTV audiences)

3. Use Barry Manilow lyrics at every opportunity

The full interview is on the YouTube, where else? And there’s more OgilvyDo coverage of the Summit over here.

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