Three Tips to Help Maximize Social TV Performance


The rise of Social TV, which highlights the interaction between TV programs and social media, has provided content publishers the ability to track and measure fan engagement like never before.

The analytical tools continue to get more advanced, but is currently one of the most popular Social TV measurement tools for some of the world’s largest media brands. monitors Twitter, Facebook, GetGlue, and Viggle social mentions and tracks the activity minute-by-minute during specific time periods. These analytics enable publishers to determine the high and low points of each show, the percentage of social activity from multiple social media outlets and best of all, compare show performance against the competition.

As a result, the competition looks to gain the top spots in the Trendrr weekly rankings which is intense.

Listed below are three tips to help maximize Social TV performance.

1.  Tag Your IP – No one knows the content of a show better than the publisher, so leverage this advantage by providing all the character/player names, team names, catch phrases, show names and nicknames associated with the show.

2.  Study Your Performance – Analyze how the fan base interacts with the show.  What is the most popular of the social media outlets?  Are the fans using the suggested hash tags within the show or are they making up their own?  Once you identify the behavior patterns, encourage them.

3.  Study Your Competitors – Pay attention to the shows with the top three rankings. What are they doing that you could be doing? Determine if their social media chatter is happening before, during, or after the show.

At this stage, publishers are still trying to figure out this new medium.  What might work for one show, might not work for another. This provides publishers with an excellent chance to experiment. If you do a Twitter vote with four distinct hash tags one week, have a character in the show live tweet the next week. Compare the performance and determine what works with and for your show and your audience.