Tools We Love: Vinyet for Vine Videos


In making vines for our clients, we’ve often wondered if there was a way to get past the app’s production limitations. We’ve found a solution in using the Vinyet App and it could be just the tool you’re looking for too. In addition to careful planning and creative thinking, here’s how Vinyet can help in your video-making process:


1. Save Video to Your Phone, Release Later

Vinyet allows you to save a Vine to your camera roll without publishing it. If you want to privately share a Vine before releasing it publicly, save it to your camera roll and send it out as a text, email, or post it on a private YouTube page. You can then re-upload the video into the app and release it at your discretion.


2. Upload Videos Into Vine

With Vinyet’s upload tool, you can upload any video from your camera roll into the app – whether it was created on your phone or not. Word to the wise – Vine has been known to take down videos that clearly haven’t been made on a phone or uploaded through other hacks so be careful.


3. Edit Videos Before Release

Vinyet offers in-app edit controls that allow for greater flexibility. In the following Vine we created with State Street, we were able to record time-lapse footage over a period of time and then edit it into a single video:


4. Time-lapse Controls and Support

Vinyet simplifies the process of creating time-lapse video. You can set a delay for how often a video is recorded (every 0-5 seconds) as well as how long the video should be recorded for (0.1-3 seconds). Vinyet will then record automatically at these intervals for up to 15 seconds. By using the edit function, you can trim the footage down to be 6 seconds long.


5. Filters and Music Files

Vinyet allows for a wide array of filters to be applied to your Vine video, from sepia to a chiaroscuro. You can even add a music track from your library to your video.


vinyet filter


Note that if you signed up for Vine using a Twitter account, make sure to add an email to your account profile. Vinyet requires the email and password for your Vine account before publishing.

Happy Vine-ing!