Top Five Trends from Mobile World Congress 2015

This year’s Mobile World Congress took place in Barcelona, Spain and was bigger than ever with 93,000 attendees. MWC is one of the world’s largest mobile events and typically serves as a platform for unveiling new innovation and disruption in the space, and setting trends for the year. #MWC15 was no exception.

Check out the SlideShare on the top five trends from MWC for 2015, and the implications of these trends for brands:

Trend 1: Mobile payments advance and competition heats up

Samsung’s mobile payment service using LoopPay technology was announced with the initial preview of the Galaxy S6 smartphone, and is a game changer for the mobile payments market.

Trend 2: Mobile security is top-of-mind for consumers and tech companies

The mobile space is responding to the flurry of high-profile data thefts and security breaches this year by integrating state-of-the-art biometric security measures into devices.

Trend 3: Internet connectivity expands further into the developing world

Although many of us cannot imagine our lives without the Internet, two-thirds of the world’s population, 4 billion people, lives without Internet access. Google and Facebook are working on initiatives to bring Internet access to the world.

Trend 4: Tech challenges Telecom as companies like Google move into the wireless space

Google announced that it is going to test offering a wireless service within developed markets. Google’s move into the space will utilize Wi-Fi and should prove disruptive for telecom companies.

Trend 5: Wearables and the Internet of Things (#IoT) go mainstream

The premise of the Internet of Things are smarter, connected devices, working together as a network to create efficiencies, make life easier, and save money. Of the entire IoT ecosystem, wearables made a big splash at MWC this year.