Training our Teams Around the World in Community Management 3.0

Our internal training program at Social@Ogilvy has several different levels of training. The Black Belt level is for our most experienced digital colleagues who want to be true experts in our field.

As John Bell mentions in his post on growing experts from within, we have evolved our Black Belt sessions from general training workshops into deep-dive sessions in critical specialties. Most recently we have developed this deep-dive training for our Community Management 3.0 Black Belt Boot Camp, delivered in three different regions around the world.

Our first Community Management 3.0 Black Belt was held in Singapore for our APAC markets. We had over 35 people participate with representatives from a wide array of markets, including: Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. This was followed by our North America training in Washington, DC, and our EAME training in Madrid, with participants representing offices like Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.

In all three regions, participants worked from live client briefs and collaborated together to develop the best community management strategy possible for each project. We also dove into modules, such as how to use the Social@Ogilvy planning framework and apps when planning for client communities, how to measure the health of communities and optimize them, and best practices for managing relationships with fans in communities.

One of my favorite aspects to these trainings is that, in addition to learning from the curriculum prepared for them, participants always learn from each other as they are the boots on the ground experts who execute this work daily. We always plan our training workshops to foster this open dialogue and collaboration, and we really saw this team-learning shine through. In fact, after the trainings were over, participants from all over the world have kept in touch, creating a global community where they continue to share best practices, ask each other for advice, and share triumphs they achieved thanks to the training to really keep the momentum going.

In addition to creating this global practice community, a main goal of this training series was for all participants to leave the workshop with the same toolbox to execute successful community management all around the world.

As Satoko Ozeki, Head of Social@Ogilvy Tokyo said:

“Having all of these frameworks and processes is so helpful. We are doing some of this in Japan, but are always working from scratch. Now we know the standard and best practice way of doing things.”

Through this series of trainings we now have people all around the world who can execute community management on the same level, using the same tools, and with the same knowledge. This allows us to deliver truly global community management to our global clients.