Training our Teams in India


Recently I, along with Jenna Boller and Scott McBride, members of our Social@Ogilvy Regional Hong Kong team, spent a week in India leading training.

We began with a two-day session in Bangalore, and then headed to Mumbai for a two-day session there.

I frequently help develop and/or lead training sessions around the world, and each Social@Ogilvy team has a special character and aura that really shine through. While working with our teams around the world is technically part of my job, I really see it as an honor, and an added bonus to my daily work. Each time I travel to a different office for a training, I come back to DC energized to work harder, and create better learning and development experiences for our teams. I must admit, working with the Banaglore and Mumbai teams was extra-motivating.

Both the Mumbai and Bangalore trainings focused on specific topics:

  • The Social@Ogilvy Planning Framework, with a deep dive into a new app
  • Community Management 3.0
  • Measurement and  Dashboards
  • Social Care
  • Social CRM
  • Review of Social@Ogilvy’s products and services.

I have now given the Social Care training module several times, but I can comfortably say that I learned more from our teams in Bangalore and Mumbai about customer care than I think I taught them. Jenna, Scott, and I were also lucky enough to learn about a new tool that one of our team members in Bangalore developed. Stay tuned to hear more, as all three of us were amazed during the demonstration!

In Bangalore, our team continues to grow with big client wins. In fact, Jenna Boller is considering leveraging this momentum and bringing some of the Social@Ogilvy team to Hong Kong to work side-by-side with our regional team during a one-week “bootcamp.”

The Mumbai team has also grown, and will formalize with an official launch before the year-end. The Mumbai Social@Ogilvy team will be the only one in Asia led by a creative director. Having his team of creative in the audience during our two-day training added an extra dimension that I have rarely seen in other areas of the world. We were also lucky to have members of the Ogilvy Healthworld India team in our training. Hearing their perspective about how they use social to help their clients, and the opportunities to grow, added even another dimension to our lively discussions.

The kindheartedness and appreciation that Jenna, Scott and I received from both the Bangalore and Mumbai teams was very heart-warming.  One of our participants from Mumbai even posted a passionate blog post about the session. While our teams may be the ones thanking us, I think I can speak for Jenna and Scott when I write that we are truly the lucky ones having the chance to work with such amazing colleagues.

You can see photos from the trainings on the Social@Ogilvy Facebook page (Bangalore & Mumbai). Please check them out!

Learning and Development is not only part of today’s Ogilvy, but a lasting legacy from our history. In fact, David Ogilvy wrote: