Trending Now: #MBFW #NYFW


There is no other industry more visual than fashion, so it is no surprise that New York Fashion Week took social media by storm last week. So, what can we learn from New York Fashion Week (besides what we should be wearing next spring)?

Accessibility Beyond NYC

New York Fashion Week did an impressive job at making events accessible to the public — even if you couldn’t physically attend at the Lincoln Center. The livestreamed fashion shows received over 1.5 million views from around the world. By doing this, they’ve helped bridge the gap and democratize fashion. I’ve never been in Anna Wintour’s inner circle, but I’ll now have the same view of her at Lincoln Center as her entourage has.

Hundreds of tweets were published with behind-the-scenes info, including an inside look of Betsey Johnson’s sketchbook and a backstage tour. Models were even sharing exclusive backstage photos from their personal Instagram accounts. New York Fashion week was platform agnostic – there was equal fashion love given on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. This made it very easy for anyone around the world to get in on the action.


All content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were tagged with clear hashtags, #MBFW #NYFW, making it easier to track events and join the conversation. As we’ve talked about user-generated content has been a big trend this year, New York Fashion week was no exception! With clear and concise hashtags, the extremely high volume of content could easily be tracked. In fact, more than 33,000 people posted 90,000 photos on Instagram. NYFW was covered by over 381 online outlets, almost quadruple how many online outlets covered the event in 2005. Over 1.2 million tweets were sent out this year during New York Fashion Week, almost double of the 671,028 tweets during the event in 2012.

Attendees were urged to download the app Foto Yapp, which allowed attendees to post pictures their (instead of Instagram) tagged with the specific hashtags and shared on a wall inside of Lincoln Center. The incentive of having your photos publicly displayed for available consumption served as a huge driver in encouraging the submission of user generated content.


With Facebook and Twitter’s new e-commerce functionalities announced earlier this summer, it is almost expected that buying clothes straight from the runway was a possibility. A new platform, Luevo, made this a reality. Luevo launched this summer and partnered with several designers during New York Fashion Week and allowed consumers to reserve looks straight off the runway in Lincoln Center. Two other fashion brands partnered with LiketoKnow:It allowing consumers to purchase looks from the runways photos the designers posted on their Instagram accounts.

Just like in the fashion industry, New York Fashion Week now doubles as a trendsetter in the social media world as well. As Burberry and Gucci continue this trend in London, how will you be following along via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram?

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