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Tribal Analytics – The 7 Neo-Tribes

The following excerpt is by John Zogby, founder of the Zogby Poll and Dayna Dion, Cultural Strategy Director for Ogilvy & Mather. This post first appeared on Fast Company.

Tribal Analytics reflects the complexity and multidimensionality of human nature. Allowing people to describe how they organize themselves and who they see as their peers, opens the doors to new levels of segmentation and empowers marketers to find language and symbols that speak to people as members of tribes.

In total, we surveyed a nationally representative sample of more than six thousand U.S. adults in order to discover seven neo-tribes organized around shared interests and common aspirations.

  • The God Squad – this large group is principally, but not exclusively, defined by it faith and belief in God.
  • Land of the Free – they are an amalgam of the most traditional values of duty and responsibility, perseverance, simplicity, and optimism.
  • The Happy Hedonists – optimistic and adventurous, this small but mighty tribe is chiefly characterized by its focus on material possessions.
  • The Adventurists—rebellious and adventurous, members of this tribe love new challenges and energetic activities.
  • Go With the Flow – Zen, balance, and leading a personally fulfilling life are their top priorities.
  • The Dutifuls – this tribe includes people who are, above all, modest in everything they do. They place extra value on authenticity, honor, compassion, and trustworthiness.
  • The Persistents – tribal members see themselves through the prism of dealing with life’s struggles, perseverance, the determination to move on, even against all odds.

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