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What Does Twitter’s Ad API Mean for #PR?


Twitter unleashes its API and and gives PR a unique “real time” advantage

Content marketing and the new generation of Community Direction that brands are demanding requires real time intelligence, amplification, and intervention.  Most Paid media formats rely either on passive Display mechanics triggered by people consuming or searching for related content, or preferences expressed over time on their Social Media profile.  Both of these tools are vital for growing fan bases and delivering things people want like and need at the right time.

However, they are far from real time and that’s why Twitter’s API announcement is so exciting for us.  A whole new spectrum of ‘in the moment’ opportunities now is possible for our clients, far beyond just the powerful but obvious “Second Screen.”

These range from amplifying great coverage, an event, content or fan endorsement as it happens to taking better advantage of the natural news cycle.  In a crisis situation, we can be sure that our client’s side of the story gets to the right voices and stakeholders just in time, rather than after the fact.  We applaud Twitter for this fantastic expansion of our strategic, creative and tactical toolsets and look forward to working closely with them as their platform continues to evolve and grow.

Vine by Bizhan Govindji starring Elliott Saliba and Emily Collins.