Value Exchange: What Makes You Click The Like Button?

How much would you do for $5? How much do you charge for your time? What would you expect in return if all you had to do was write a simple blog post or click a like button on Facebook for a product you support?

These are the questions that dawned on me as I discovered On this site, users post exactly what services or products they will offer for a mere $5 of compensation. Kazehana04 will read your fortune with Tarot cards for $5. Martinjon will paint you a 4 X 6 watercolor of any animal and Vegasdude will give you advice on how to start in stand-up comedy for $5.


But what would they charge for their positive blog post or for their comment on a Facebook page? This is the question we consider as we develop a social media strategy for our clients. Maybe our client paints 4 X 6 portraits of animals and they want to begin increasing their business by using Facebook. What incentive can we give consumers to become fans? Maybe we have superfans who adore the work from this artists but what if we don’t? Either way, we must consider the call to action when developing a successful Facebook campaign or blogger outreach plan. Fans are becoming more and more aware of how powerful their actions are within the social space and they’re considering what they will get in return for their actions.

They know we’re listening.

For some clients this compensation is realized by VIP event access or a special sneak peak of a product before public reveal. It could be a complimentary product in exchange for an authentic review or a chance to win a trip to the tropics. This varies project by project and platform to platform but the idea remains the same. We must identify the value exchange when planning a Facebook strategy for a brand that’s up and coming within the community. We must find out what will make our target audience click the “like” and participate in conversation.

Influencers and communities alike are following our trends. They know the power that they hold and the impact they can have. The moral of the story is: we must always respect the time of our community members and influencers by creating a clear value exchange. We think about this as we develop our strategy, whether if it’s for a Tarot card reader who charges $5 per reading or a large worldwide company that makes billions each year in revenue.

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Devin Zimmerman

Devin is passionate about the way you speak, digitally. She began her career on the 360° Digital Influence team at Ogilvy Public Relations in July 2010 as an intern, and is now a Digital Strategist in the Atlanta office. She’s worked with research and strategy for several different Ogilvy clients, including Intercontinental Hotel Group, NBC Interactive and BP. Devin has found her niche in research and metrics and specializes in utilizing tools to create a deep understanding of all things digital. Devin came to Ogilvy after several years of experience in the nonprofit sector where she led fundraising and communication efforts. She’s worked with the Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund and Imagine It! The Children’s Museum of Atlanta. Devin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from the University of Georgia where she also studied French and women’s studies. She also studied intercultural communications in Paris, France. Devin has mastered the art of social media with the Atlanta 360° Digital Influence team and continues to be a forward thinking trendspotter who stays on the peak of the social media wave. She believes that the digital world is always changing, and is dedicated to keeping her team at the front of the pack. Follow Devin on twitter: @devinz.