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Vine knocks it out of the park with new features

As Vine grows into a larger and larger community (especially with its connection to Twitter), we’re seeing more and more brands experimenting with this short video form. But us vine creators have had a few wishes of our own…and today they have come true with two new features: Sessions and Time Travel.

And this is huge. Vine’s announcement today is going to be a game changer in the short video world. Or perhaps I can say a game changer full stop and here’s why:

Sessions allows for multiple Vines at once

Vine - Sessions

What it is: Allows for multiple vine creation at once

Why we love it: This is an amazing new feature that allows you to save a post and come back to it later. In fact, you can work on 10 posts at once. This will help creators who want to cover various subjects at once (like at a conference, a launch or event) but don’t want to publish their vine before moving onto the next one.

This will also allow you to break after a long session or create a vine over a week, month or year – think what could be done with growing plants or new construction, for example.


Time Travel brings editing to Vine

Vine Time Travel

What it is:  Brings the longed for editing to Vine

Why we love it: Time Travel allows users to remove, rearrange or replace any shot in a post before it’s published. Vine captures approximately 70 frames (if shooting a single shot over the 6 seconds) and you can delete a frame or move it anywhere on the timeline by selecting it and dragging it.

Now I’m excited about this and slightly sad. What I love about Vine is the fact that you know the vine had to be created in one go. There’s no edit function, no take backs, no delete. Feats of magic were about being DIY and amazingly creative rather than being a fully edited production.

But this makes Vine better for clients and creators as you can delete a moment or move it so you have greater editorial control. Instead of having to recreate an entire stop motion effect because of a strange shadow or misplaced set piece, you can reshoot that frame before you publish.

You still can’t upload prerecorded video to Vine so the magic isn’t totally lost. It’s just made easier for those who aren’t already stop motion or video whizzes.

These updates are new (as in a couple hours old) but we’re already seeing viners trying it out (including us!)

What do you think these changes will bring to how we use vine today? Will this change how brands and consumers view and utilize this platform? Tweet us @SocialOgilvy and let us know!