VOTE: Social@Ogilvy SXSW Panel Picker

Decisions, decisions…

In the social marketing industry, we make it our business to study how decisions are made and how to predict what will be chosen.

Rarely, though, does the study of decision-making become more personal than in the month of August, when the SXSW Panel Picker opens to public voting and we scientists of social motivation find ourselves the subject of our own experiments.

There were more than 4,000 ideas submitted for 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival, and in that mix there are a chosen few we think are pretty special –because the Social@Ogilvy team submitted them. We’d love your help in making them a reality:

#Crisis: How Brands Can Prepare for Social Trouble
Rachel Caggiano, @rcaggiano

For our #Crisis panel, global Social@ SVP Rachel Caggiano will lean on our deep experience in digital crisis communications to highlight the special challenges global brands face online in the face of a reputation crisis. With case studies as varied as Moleskine notebooks and Gulf of Mexico oil spills, there will be lessons for brands both big and small, established and just starting up.

Transportation, Data and the Modern Municipality
Rebecca Davis, @makegood

How is technology meeting the needs of living, working and moving about in urban America? While open data, mobile apps and the concept of a shared economy have sparked the imagination of entrepreneurs like Uber and Lyft, and bikeshare programs are spreading to our biggest cities, the utopian dream of technology-supported swift and clean transportation keeps rubbing against the reality of local government and entrenched regulations. The resulting sparks make news, but do they make for a better way to keep people moving

Build a Passion Brand: Data + Insights
Irfan Kamal, @irfankamal

Brand advocacy drives higher purchase rates and significantly increases the reach of marketing spend. Brands that can’t generate substantial advocacy will fall behind competitors that excel in this area. Our data-rich discussion will highlight experience-based insights from panelists, along with findings and actionable insights from the most comprehensive social brand advocacy study to date, covering 7 million brand mentions across 20+ brands and 4 countries. It will identify the drivers that motivate consumers to share in social, and also outline new ways brands can take advantage of these findings to make their brand marketing more effective and efficient.

20 Years of Digital Content Experience in 1 Hour
Rob Davis, @RobertJohnDavis

This is the session for people who need to have a deep understanding of digital content. No buzzwords. No hype. Consider this a master class in what you really need to know about content. Producers, writers, technologists and marketers will all find something of value. Along the way we’ll poke at established “truths” and likely piss-off a few folks who cling to the stifling fog of content dogma.

Together we will explore what 20 years in the business has taught me and surface the unvarnished truth about digital content. I will do my best to share, enlighten, inspire and send you off with a clearer idea of how you can use the current content landscape to reach your goals.

See you there!