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What can we learn from a cat video?


This post was written by Karen Cheng, Digital Strategist, in Hong Kong.

Cats: the most popular subjects on the Internet. But underneath all the cuteness, what do we see?

When a cat video was posted by BuzzFeed last month I thought ‘Yea, I’d watch that!’ … it was a cat video after all!

After watching the video you now know what I do: it is actually a Friskies commercial! The video scored four million views in five days, 12 million views as of today at the time of writing! How did it happen?

  • A famous name, ‘Morgan Freeman’, narrates the story.
  • The script is written in the ‘cat’s voice’ (this has a high success rate in cat videos).
  • It is based on genuine cat insights from the internet: babies are grabby to cats, red dot chasing…
  • The audience falls in love with the smart, witty character.
  • It’s VERY ‘BuzzFeed’! It’s authentic.

You can compare it with the brand produced video that garnered two million views in seven months:

What can we learn?

Put your audience first when creating social media content. Sorry brands, you come second.

Oh, and we learnt that cats would be millionaires if they could earn money.

Photo credit: Giphy -

Photo credit: Giphy –