CES Day 3 Recap

What We Learned at CES and What Brands Have to Know – Day 3 Recap – The Startup Edition

We decided to head over to Eureka Park for Day 3 of CES and checkout what the startup realm had to offer. We were beyond impressed. The following startups are who we think every brand should know about at CES 2013.

Now let’s see some forward thinking. Onwards.

  • Art Jam delivers an interactive HTML5 platform for content publishers, rich media ad units and much, much more. We like it because it has the potential to make going cross-platform an absolute breeze and will only get better and better as HTML5 continues to improve.
  • Lockitron – Lock your door from anywhere in the world and then unlock with your smart phone while giving access to your family and friends. We’re thinking Lockitron is cool from a LIVE event activation perspective. Getting creative with how you’ll open doors and unlock your brand experience couldn’t be more fun.
  • 2cimple brings a one-click ecommerce experience to Facebook timeline. There isn’t a middleman, products are right there where consumers are and like we said, it’s a one-click ecommerce process. None of this 10 steps to purchase. LIKE.
  • Gecko Cap is a brilliant innovation in medical tech to empower children, parents and their doctors to better manage asthma medication. The interface is gorgeous. And we think the original medical tech, that sticks on inhalers, can be used on any product that requires a press-down finger gesture.
  • Maui turns iPhone into a mouse. But not just a mouse, a mouse that can also interpret visual gestures (as in, waving your hand above the iPhone to swipe screens) and motion gestures (pick it up and move it around). This tech can make digital brand creative experiential in seconds.
  • Footmarks puts you in constant contact with consumers while they are out-of-home. Consumers’ smartphones read Footmarks tags when they are within a certain range.  This gives brands the ability to message, data track and take stats of passer-byers. This tech would rock at in-store activations for your brand.
  • Par Works – We saw a few different augmented reality apps at Eureka Park but a lot were just for social and gaming experiences. PAR Works applies augmented reality to businesses by overlaying information about discounts, promotions and deals over real-world storefronts. Businesses that might have your brand.
  • Didlr is bringing universal communication to everyone through doodling. Think of it as Twitter meets drawing. It’s the only way you can communicate back and forth. For brands we think it’s a great “storytelling” experience.

For your edification, here are our recaps from day 1 and day 2. Below is our day 3 presentation.