“When you get your first hate comment, you’re on the road to success.” Top tips from Social Matters!

This post was written by Katy Daniells, Senior Social Strategist at Ogilvy Public Relations Australia

Social Matters rocked Singapore at the end of May boasting 400 delegates, 30 global speakers and nearly 4 million impressions, swiftly making this social media conference trending #1 across Singapore.

Social@Ogilvy sponsors this event each year and I was lucky enough to attend this event on behalf of the Australian team. Here are a few of the highlights from the three days.

The main theme of the event was “Ideas Shared and it was backed by a wide ranging selection of speakers. We had screenwriters rubbing shoulders with  advertisers, researchers nudging up against  analysts and small, exciting start-ups were represented along with big brands.

Content Matters

Content was a hot topic. How do we compel people in this digital world? A number of great speakers shared their ideas and experiences and left the audience inspired.

Doug Scott, Founder & President of OgilvyEntertainment shared his views on Building Story Worlds. Doug showed a mash-up video that his team had created from Kevin Spacey’s famous story-telling speech. It emphasised that, no matter when or what device they use, people want  complex, smart stories. At a time where people are under increased pressure to protect their reputations, the hard truth is risk takers will be rewarded. Doug’s presentation reminded us  to be a little braver with branded content thinking.

Following this, Emmy award winning screenwriter, Guy Nicolucci presented on “The Big Steal”. As a comedy writer, Guy is a borrower, believing “You never create content you only recreate content”. Guy used the movie industry to explain story telling often follows a template because people like the familiar. Guy’s parting advice was “Find good ideas, steal them and make them better”.

Also at the event was Keith Hernandez from BuzzFeed.  He shared his take on how to create content that people want to share. Keith explained Buzzfeed operates with 150 full time journalist working across the globe.  Each journalist has access to data and insights on their work which means they can determine what content is the most popular. This allows the platform to constantly evolve and optimise so that it can deliver the most compelling content for its audience. “You need to be locally relevant, globally consistent,” Hernandez said.

An interesting social channel for the audience at Social Matters was YouTube. In the APAC region, the popularity of YouTube influencers has sky rocketed and Michael Stevens of Vsauce shared his secrets to keeping his audience entertained. Michael created Vsauce to satisfy his own curiosity and this then drove authentic content based around his own interests. He believes that people are inherently curious and they thirsty for to knowledge. Curiosity, he said, is the human need that brands should fulfil in an interesting way with content that informs.

This was an inspiring conference that left everyone thinking and many re-considering their approach to content. Top tip takeaways from the industry leaders present were the virtue of storytelling – was, is, and always will be a big pull card – and the durable power of emotive content.