Why I’m Watching LinkedIn Company Pages

Last month LinkedIn announced the launch of their company pages, starting with a small group of 40 companies. Here’s why I have my eye on them (and so should you):

1.The Products and Services Tab With the addition of this tab, companies will be able to showcase their offerings without looking overly promotional. The tab also makes it very easy to find what you are looking for without navigating an entire company homepage.

2.Public Recommendations When LinkedIn members recommend products or services via the company page, their recommendation is publicly posted for all of their connections to see. Free reviews and promotions for the company.  Sound like another social network we know?

3.Company Overview  Customers and potential customers can get all the essential information about a company in one place. Yes, you could probably go to their website, but you’d have to search around to get all of the pieces. The company overview gives you a snapshot of all company activity on LinkedIn, new hires, employees, followers, statistics, recent Tweets, news articles and the latest stock updates. Most importantly, it shows you how YOU’RE connected to the company, which will prove valuable for potential employees and potential customers looking for a “connection.”

4.Your Audience is Already Here With 75,000,000 members on LinkedIn, many of which influence or make business purchases, there’s a really good chance your target customer or employee is already engaging and connecting on LinkedIn.  And not only are they probably on LinkedIn, but they are more likely to be there for business/professional purposes.

One month later, I would love to know the impact the pages have had on their businesses. If you haven’t poked around a company page yet, I encourage you to do so.