Will People Share it

Will People Share it?

Have we forgotten the basic purpose and promise of content as we have rushed to make it a system?

The following excerpt first appeared on O&M’s page on Fast Company by Jared Gruner is Director of Integrated Strategy and Planning for Ogilvy & Mather.

It’s been said that we’re in the midst of a content revolution. Revolutions are exciting but chaotic. We try to make sense of them, pumping out organizational charts, updated vocabulary, and new systems with every paradigm shift. Maybe it’s just my newsfeed, but for this revolution, the system seems to be the story, not the ideas. The content conversation I’m exposed to daily is skewed to the engineering and distribution of content. It’s all ecosystems, newsrooms, and real-time marketing.

Make no mistake, all of this is important. Agencies desperately need to reorganize themselves to consume and create content at the ever-quickening pace of culture. All this restructuring is pointless if we use it to crank out a stream of unnecessary infographics, five blandly optimistic tweets per day, and GIFs that ineffectively crowbar a branded message into the meme of the moment.

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