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#WOMMASummit 2012 Big Data Conclusions – Why Size Doesn’t Matter With Engagement; Content Does

WOMMA Summit has come and gone, but the insights are ongoing.

Social@Ogilvy and WOMMA have put together an all-inclusive WOMMA Summit Twitter Infographic (and blog post) detailing the action and conversation that surrounded the marketing conference of the year.

Below is the Infographic. We found four key takeaways (listed below). You can read about them in detail on WOMMA’s All Things WOMM blog.

1. Large followings does not always equal a lot of engagement.

2. Don’t be afraid of one-way conversations during live events. (Yes, we just said that.)

3. Leverage your brand assets – Brands that use their existing brand identity to connect with the audience can have a resounding effect.

4. Simple and quick advice for brands – Use hash tags.


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Adam Kornblum

Adam is the Social Business Producer for Social@Ogilvy. He invented a board game which was acquired by the Parker Brothers & Milton Bradley lines at Hasbro in 2009 and launched a new party game in January of 2012 in collaboration with seven-time New York Times bestselling author, Neil Strauss. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter - @AdamKornblum.