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Writing a New POEM


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I am still figuring out what to do when I grow up.

But today I am taking another step forward: I will be taking a new role as the leader of Social and Content for Ogilvy West. Still based in San Francisco, but overseeing this new practice across a region that includes also Los Angeles, Sacramento and Denver.

I loved my past 8 years at Ogilvy PR as Global Technology Practice head. Loved the people, the clients, the opportunities to work across so many different cultures and challenges. Did I love everything? Was everything perfect? Of course not. No job is perfect, but I felt like a citizen of the world and have been part of an amazing team; I just loved it.

However, when I was offered a new position, as part of Social@Ogilvy, I just said, “Let me think about it. OK, I am in!” I didn’t hesitate. Why?

Because the most exciting time for the integration of social, content marketing, analytics, mobile and why not, good old-fashioned “earned media” is NOW.  Because this is the time where data can really help to identify insights. Those kind of insights that propel strategic thinking and pragmatic creativity. Where ideas can be brought to life through what I believe in most, and have been preaching for the last many years: that brilliant storytelling and content ultimately changes attitudes and behaviors.

As our global world becomes socially smaller, do I want to be in the center of this integrated, expanding and boundless universe?  Absolutely.  As part of the award-winning Social@Ogilvy team, I will look forward to bringing my global experiences and networks together to develop innovative integrated media solutions to solve clients’ marketing and communications problems. And I am very excited.

Recently I appreciated the word, “POEM,” through a new lens as a way to describe the new converged media world we live in – Paid Owned Earned Media.

Maybe, that’s what I’ll do when I grow up. I will be a Poet.