You Give Me A Solid Community Manager & I’ll Give You Great Engagement Levels

Facebook is now 7 years old!

In only seven years, Facebook has grown at a tremendously fast pace and now almost has 600 million users. All of those users are individuals who just may be interested in your brand and who may want to build a relationship with your brand. Within this time, Facebook Page management has grown from being focused solely on fan acquisition to now shifting towards Page management and engagement.

However, for still too many Facebook Pages, management and engagement is still not emphasized enough. As we continue to see with the growth of Facebook & other social media platforms, only having a lot of fans/followers is just not enough.

So what should you do to effectively manage and engage your fanbase? Establish at least one individual who can tend to your fanbase – a community manager.

Inside the Mind of A Community Manager

The infographic featured in this post is a glimpse at who a community manager should be in order to be effective.

A community manager can help you increase engagement levels because s/he will be constantly learning & assessing information about your fanbase from the day-to-day interactions. It is almost as if s/he is running a routine focus group.

An effective community manager should be not only be focused on communicating the brand’s needs & wants but also on the health of the community. Every individual who “likes” your Facebook Page is a potential true fan of the brand — and the interaction s/he has with the Page impacts their view of the product/service your brand provides.

A community manager needs to be in tune with the trending conversations & sentiment that develop within the community. Who responds often to posts? What do fans enjoy responding to? On what days do they enjoy responding the most? Do fans interact with each other? If so, how? All of these questions, and more, should be on the mind of your community manager because all of this information can help your brand get a clearer sense of exactly how people respond to its product/service.

A community manager should also be focused on protecting your brand — vigilantly keeping spammers off of your Page, guiding fans with correct information and steering clear of those who are not interested in honest & constructive feedback.

Most importantly, your community manager should have a voice. Without a voice, the interactions will be rigid, impersonal & possibly robotic — none of which inspires fans to consistently come back to your Page. Having a voice is important because it helps to set the tone for how fans should interact with the brand and with each other. A voice gives life to the brand and breeds a sense of closeness between the brands and the fans.

Please recognize that the community manager will be perceived as you on the Facebook Page. So, if you are trying to figure out how to improve the engagement & management of your Facebook Page, take some real time to invest in a community manager.