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Social@Ogilvy is a global, cross-discipline team of social experts from across all of Ogilvy’s businesses. We design social business solutions that use the collaboration and advocacy strengths of social media to drive value internally and in customer relationships while at the same time managing risk.

Social Business Solutions

Social media technology has revolutionized the way businesses communicate and connect with consumers. But it doesn’t stop there.

Social media has the potential to increase collaboration within a workforce, transform employees into powerful brand advocates, inform product design, and fuel innovation.

Our team of social media strategists and management consultants serve as trusted advisors, helping businesses harness the power of social media to deliver value far beyond their marketing and communications goals, right down to the bottom line. Social Business Solutions build capacity and systems within organizations to use social media in four emerging areas:

  · Building Brand Reputation and Value

  · Creating Customer Value

  · Increasing Operating Excellence

  · Strengthening Workforce and Culture

From navigating policy issues to creating social media playbooks, we design programs and implement solutions that span across the enterprise, driving businesses forward.

Listening & Analytics

How do we create award-winning social media strategies for clients? First, we listen.

From twitter to Facebook, blogs to websites, our global listening and analytics team digs deep into the millions of online conversations taking place every day about a brand, its competitors and the industry overall. We monitor social media and search behavior to deliver actionable insights that shape the framework of effective, integrated programs.

Our Listening Post technology platform and research tools provide an unrivaled view of the social web, tapping into what consumers think, how they communicate, and why they care to share.

We capture day-to-day sentiment and conversation about a brand, ultimately driving product positioning and messaging throughout the lifetime of a campaign. It allows for rapid response to misinformation or a crisis. It helps identify key influencers, set measurement benchmarks, and optimize paid digital media and search.

Listening may be the first step in creating a remarkable social experience that gets people talking, but it should never stop.

Effectiveness & Reporting

Are we winning or are we losing? That is the biggest question we ask ourselves every day.

Are all of our efforts on Facebook increasing the lifetime value of customers and sales? Have we tangibly built a community of advocates who will defend us when times get tough?

To measure and evaluate the business value of social media-based programs, we have to be innovators. We have to be ready to challenge the status quo of current channel-based metrics to speak to the business leader in brands. That’s what Conversation Impact is all about — practical, business-based measurement.

Conversation Impact is Ogilvy’s approach to integrating engagement and advocacy metrics with other KPIs to benchmark and evaluate business or marcom value.


Social Media Marketing & Communication

Social media is driving change in markets around the world, shifting the way we form opinions and make purchase decisions. We rely on our social networks for news, information and recommendations. And we take those networks with us everywhere.

Consumers seek out and respond only to relevant content, and ultimately develop an individual “personal message shield” comprised of friends, family and social connections they trust. Businesses that engage in social media effectively and authentically can deliver unique value and pass through that shield.

But unlocking the value is hard. It requires change.

Brands must move their marketing and communications to an owned, earned and paid model to reach a measureable goal. Our team is the largest network of social media strategists in the world — combining the art and science of influence to deliver fully integrated solutions for this new customer/stakeholder journey.

We plan effective programs based upon behavioral economics and our own experiences, working with clients to uncover what drives their target audience to engage, share, and take action. From content activation and optimization to community and conversation management, we deliver remarkable experiences and relationships that inspire advocacy.

By leveraging both influencers and social networks, our model produces social media that scales … breaking through the personal message shield.

Social CRM

CRM has always been a data-heavy discipline geared towards maximizing the value of a customer to a business. Now that has changed in two big ways…

First, every customer or stakeholder has the potential to deliver equal or greater value through their advocacy and their ability to tell their friends online and offline how great a product, service or issue is.

Second, we must start with maximizing our value to that person. A customer-first approach, where we care as much about what they find valuable as the experience they have with the brand, can convert CRM from a simple “email stimulation” model into a better way to grow relationships.

Our social strategists combine data and advocacy to move customers along the value continuum by increasing individual value and maximizing the network value of each customer.


Social Care

Brands are answering the consumers’ “calls” in a whole new way with Social Care. It’s customer service for the 21st century.

From airlines to cable providers, consumers are turning to Twitter and Facebook to communicate and connect with companies to get the information they want — almost instantly. Social media is revolutionizing traditional customer service, creating new opportunities for brands, businesses and service providers to answer questions, solve problems and boost loyalty. But it has to be done right.

As new customers search for product or service information, they will find the good and the bad. Social Care, where brands listen to their customers and respond on the social channels they prefer, can not only solve problems and redeem reputation, it can show the world that brands “get it”  and know how to walk the walk of “customer-first” behavior.

Our Social Care experts work with clients to design and execute customer service solutions via social media to ensure more effective and efficient operations as well as drive advocacy. We create cost-reducing strategies that streamline processes, allowing for rapid, real-time response to issues.

Social Shopping

We bring our 130 Facebook friends along when we go shopping now. We all rely on feedback from friends and on the recommendations and reviews of other people.

If I want to know if a vacation spot is right for me, I want to hear from other people that I identify with, not simply trust the Web site of the destination. And as I stand in front of the display shelves at the store, I can ask my social graph their thoughts or interrogate the supply chain for the product on the shelf to help decide whether to pick up the box or not.

And let’s not forget reducing friction. Amazon created the “one-click” to reduce friction in purchasing. Studies show what we already believe as consumers ourselves — that making it faster and simpler is the best way to build loyalty.

Social@Ogilvy helps clients design and manage a more social shopping and buying experience by mining consumer digital signals, driving peer-to-peer expression and delivering sales.

Agile Content Studios

Social has transformed how consumers behave. But it’s also deluged them with irrelevant content.

Businesses often struggle to make an impact – wasting money on content that is shallow that bounces off consumers and doesn’t drive brand objectives. Worse than content can be slow and expensive to produce.

Ogilvy's agile content studios create stories and spark conversations for over 200 clients globally to drive business value. A publisher mindset uses deep audience insights, with tactical agility, to make sure that every piece of content connects to consumers, transforming superficial content into great stories and inspiring experiences, with the audiences who matter. Now that it’s possible to micro-target every piece of content, there’s no excuse for building aimless connections – instead our clients expect us to build stronger bonds with their audiences, and to be able to measure our impact against hard business objectives.


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CEO, Ogilvy PR UK

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APAC President, Social@Ogilvy


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Thomas Crampton, Global Managing Director, Social@Ogilvy

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