5 Steps for Mobile Transformation

Has mobile planning been little more than an afterthought for your brand’s or your client’s overall communications strategy? Or, does mobile live as a silo, distinct from your larger communications and outreach plans? In 2011, mobile reached a point of critical mass with over 75 million of U.S. consumers owning smart phones – and the number continues to grow rapidly. We have passed the point in the industry where mobile can be put on the back burner, to be sprinkled on like magic fairy dust in the form of an afterthought app, and have entered the era when mobile needs to be top of mind.

As part of our “Brand Planning 2012” series this week, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence sat down with Martin Lange, Executive Marketing Director of Mobile@Ogilvy and learned, among other insights, his top five steps for brands to integrate mobile into their marketing and communications strategies.

In summary, the five key steps are:

1. Understand and map out your customer journey (preshopping, shopping, postshopping)

2. Examine your customers’ mobile behavior

3. Assess the mobile-competitive landscape

4. Generate your list of opportunities

5. Implement: Prioritize opportunities and build a road map.

In tandem with OgilvyAction’s Gareth Ellen, Lange recently developed the white paper, “From Armed to Charmed: Preparing for and profiting from the new mobile-enabled point of sale” (July 2011), where they delve further into global consumer mobile behaviors. So view this short interview clip, read the white paper, and make 2012 your year to turn things around and channel mobile to drive serious business results!

Published by

Kelly Ferraro

Kelly Ferraro is a Digital Influence Strategist for Ogilvy Public Relations in Washington, DC.