5 tips for content marketing on the go

This post was authored by Chris Celetti, Worldwide Communications Associate, with inspiration from one of our content partners, Percolate.

Have you ever wanted to create social media content whilst at an event? Or have you taken a photo at a company outing, only to not know who/where to post it? Do you have to get approvals for social media posts via group text messages?!

If so, you need our 5 tips for content marketing on-the-go:

1. Define clear roles and responsibilities

Every successful team is made up of people who know what their responsibilities are. Your in-the-field team is no different. Everyone must beaware of their role and the roles of everyone else on the team.


2. Set up a criteria checklist for post copy and visuals

Create a checklist that enables you to ensure content is optimized for every platform, brand guidelines are adhered to, and community managers are reminded of important strategic directions.  Some content management tools have a checklist that appears before content is published or sent for approvals. This serves as a prompt to ensure content is on brand and meets guidelines because guidelines can be forgotten in the midst of a chaotic conference!


3. Arrange a quick approval process

Say goodbye to offline processes, to e-mail chains and text messages. We have partnered with a great content marketing tool, Percolate, to use their “Approver” mobile feature. Once individual responsibilities are set up, Approver alerts folks when their input or thumbs up (or down!) is needed. And they can provide that feedback right in the app. Perfect for when you’re at an event without full computer access.

pecolate 3.JPG

4. Ensure quick, effective responses

Operate in real-time. See who’s engaging with your brand, and get back to them swiftly when appropriate. This doesn’t change when you’re working at events or covering announcements in real-time. Again, a tool like Percolate can help by setting up pre-approved messages and visuals in a media library.


5. Track campaign and post efficacy

Engagement remains important, but more importantly, how does all that information integrate with the context of your brand? How much of the conversation is your brand driving? It can be impractical to look at full analytics while operating on a mobile device so know your key metrics and KPIs – evaluate only those. Once back in the office you can do a more complete analysis, or you could liaise with a remote team that is based in the office. Alternatively, you can consider a mobile-friendly content marketing tool.

Note: Percolate is one of many partners we work with in this space.