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7 Big Ideas You Missed Last Week

The following excerpt is by Abigail Marks, Director, Strategy & Operations, OgilvyEntertainment. It first appeared on Fast Company.

“Innovation Uncensored” brought together the most creative minds in business for two days of idea exchange.  Here’s what they talked about.

I walked ten blocks north from my office, along the Hudson River on Manhattan’s west side, to get to Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored New York conference.  It’s a lovely walk—particularly on a spring day—and it knits together different threads of the city.  The river is on one side, industrial facilities, some decaying, loom over the shore, while the occasional loft conversion drew my eye like an early flower. Walking back, after a day of high-test inspiration, the landscape recalled the nature of innovation itself.  Refreshed by a flow of new ideas, innovation happens amidst the life we live now.

Here are 7 memorable themes that bubbled up at Innovation Uncensored.  Not one of them is entirely new.  But like a loft in a hot neighborhood, they’re some of the most valuable things you can hold on to.

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