CES - Rachel Caggiano

CES 2013: What Will Next Gen Tech Mean for Brands?

[Photo source: CES’ Instagram]

By now all 150K+ of us who attended CES in Vegas last week have slept off the late-night debauchery, washed out the pervasive stench of second-hand smoke and read every ‘best of’ post analysis piece.

Short story: it’s way more than electronics. The echo chamber says it was really cool this year (and not just because Sugar Ray Leonard was there). If you listen to the tech industry, CES matters and proves that that innovation is thriving.

Before it all started, John Bell identified 7 trends/experiences that he’d be watching as a marketer. Ogilvy & Mather was there, traipsing back and forth over the 1.9 million square feet of exhibited gadgets – the largest show area in the event’s 45-year history – to provide daily recaps of what we all should be paying attention to:

  • Day 1 was all about getting blown away by all the sexy new products and gadgets – from 4K to the connected fork – but then coming down to earth to think about how bandwidth and content creation will need to adapt.
  • Day 2 confirmed that all the new places of connectivity – from your juicer to your car to your own body – are going to provide all sorts of new opportunities for brands to ‘talk’ to their customers. Deep content never meant so much.
  • Day 3 was all about the little guy. Eureka Park crammed in 140 startups, small companies, and genius entrepreneurs who are inventing tomorrow’s technology – often funded through the Kickstarter platform.

The show was massive and even more media attended than are slated to cover the Super Bowl this year. For brands, we know the creative and content implications are significant. We can’t wait for all the opportunities next gen tech offers for brands becoming more relevant in more meaningful ways to their more-so connected consumers.

Look for a full analysis of the top creative trends we see for brands later this week.