ces day1

CES 2015: Day 1 Highlights

The first day of CES kicked off with a showcase of the latest gadgets and discussions about the implications for brands and their consumers. A few common themes throughout the day were:

Adding value to consumers

Understanding social behaviors through data allows brands to adapt technologies to reach and engage with fans when and how they need. Our recent Social Value Benchmark study uncovered areas where brands can add more value through social activities, and many new technologies could aid in that effort.

Providing consumers with new experiences

Consumers increasingly care about experiences more than tangibles. From 3D mapping to VR, brands will be able to build immersive programs where consumers experience, and share about, the brand like never before.

For brands like Etsy who have adopted this experiential model, the next step will be figuring out how new technology can further enhance the engagements with and experiences of fans.

Changing the way companies tell their brand story

Accessibility to a broader range of technology means more opportunities to create. Brands will benefit by being able to tell their story in new ways, both natively and through exciting new co-creations.

As Ogilvy & Mather’s Chief Creative Officer, Tham Khai Meng, teaches us in his Red Paper The Ape, the Adman, and the Astronaut, the way to move people is through telling a great story. And while it will be fun to experiment with new technologies, it remains imperative that each activity makes sense to the brand’s story.

Here now are 5 key highlights from day one at CES, courtesy of ogilvydo: