ces day2

CES 2015: Day 2 Highlights

In day two at CES, presenters started diving deeper into understanding the consumer mindset and what it will take for them to adopt new technologies. With this came a range of “Internet of Things” and consumer-friendly products.

These products seem to have the Millennials in mind. The largest generation yet, Millennials demand simple, consumer-centric interactions. Technology is opening up new possibilities, but to make the most of it brands need to understand their targets and how to shape programs around their behaviors and desires.

To better understand the Millennial generation, join our free public webinar this Friday, January 9th, at 1 p.m. EST. I will be hosting along with Vice President, Creative Strategist of the Ogilvy & Mather Washington D.C. office, Todd Metrokin. The webinar will look at who Millennials are, what they care about, and the opportunities for brands to engage them. Having just come from CES, I will also discuss why understanding the applications and capabilities of new technologies is imperative for meeting the demands of the Millennial generation.

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In the meantime, enjoy these 5 key highlights from day two at CES, courtesy of ogilvydo: