Do You Have An Interest in Pinterest?

If you are anything like me, your mailbox has been filling up with notifications of new followers on Pinterest as the still invite-only platform seems to be opening the flood gates to more users. Thanks to a few savvy gals in the design world that I follow on Twitter, I have been a Pinterest member since late Summer and must say that I am thoroughly enjoying it. Pinterest feels like the aha moment for social media; a repository for all of the visual stimuli that has gained popularity these past years.

It is true that my consumption rate for beautiful and lovely things has increased, but I have relished that I no longer have to wait for my favorite design bloggers to post or for my favorite publications to arrive in my mailbox (yes, I still enjoy REAL magazines); I can receive a daily dose of inspiration.

Now the next step for marketers, like myself, is to figure out how brands can leverage a platform like Pinterest. Mashable has stated that the site has already made it on the top 10 social networks; so Pinterest is currently a place where millions of people are connecting and spending time with barely any branded content. I do love seeing something so useful and enjoyable in its infancy, but I have a few predictions on where the future of brands on Pinterest may lead:

1. Sponsored Boards-Yes, this is an easy forecast, but one that can be integrated seamlessly into members feeds without losing the visual appeal of the site.

2. Corporate Curation-The constant influx of pins makes it impossible to see everything, so similar to Etsy’s Handpicked products, Brands can create their own curated content that can extend beyond their own offerings. Whole Foods is already doing it.

3. Improved Visual Content-This transition is the one that excites me most; the move away from staged product shots. Imagine a CPG food product posting images of recipes and prepared foods that rival those of food bloggers and in turn lead you back to the brand’s site.

4. Visual Engagement – Similar to brands using Twitter and Facebook to interact with current and potential brand influencers, brands will use Pinterest to engage visually with online influencers. In turn, this will encourage influencers to spread positive word-of-mouth (in pictures) about the brand on Pinterest. Think about it, brand engagement without words!

What are your predictions for this new platform?