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Five social media lessons brands can learn from watching baseball

Photo by Sean Winters via flickr

Grab your Cracker Jacks. Get your peanuts. The Fall Classic is right around the corner. It’s playoff time in Major League Baseball. Whether you’re an American League or National League fan, baseball fever is among us. While watching the games yesterday, I came up with the following five social media lessons brands can learn from watching baseball.

1) Best-of-series  – Division series are best-of-five series and League Championship Series are best-of-seven series. Strategy is important. Managers will look at pitching match-ups and which players are hot. Brands, just like baseball teams, need to strategize. Brands should study their competitors. Don’t only track your results, track the competition too.

2) Playoff roster – Once playoffs begin, teams are cut to a 25-man roster. Every player is utilized by the team’s skipper one way or another. Social media is a team effort. A single person from one department can’t do it alone. Input across sectors is a necessity to ensure messaging about the brand is accurate and consistent.

3) Stand out among the competition – When the Cubs win, fans sing “Go, Cubs, Go” and Yankees fans sing “New York, New York.” Fans enjoy the games because of the unique stadium experiences offered by the teams. One way brands can engage more with Fans is by offering them unique or exclusive social media opportunities online.

4) Home Runs –  While a powerful offense can help teams go deep in the playoffs, teams won’t always win just by hitting Home Runs. Every hit counts. Brands, like teams, can’t only rely on the long ball or the Home Run social media program. It’s better to continuously hit singles, doubles and triples throughout the year. Brands need to always think about next steps online because consumers are always watching

5) Rain out – Playoff games are never cancelled due to weather (although they may be postponed). Just like playoff baseball, there aren’t any cancellations on the internet. The social media space is always awake. Whether its 12 p.m. or 12 a.m., Monday or Saturday, consumers are always online. Brands should engage seven days a week and analyze popular conversation times with tools such as Tweetstats and Radian6.

Which social media brands have you seen throw a perfect game?