Hacktivism: Are You Ready for the Online Attack?


Large corporations have long been the target of activist groups, special interests and other mobilized organizations that seek to trade on the company’s size and visibility to advance their own agenda. From picketing to letter writing campaigns on corporate issues (real or imagined), the world’s largest brands are no strangers to dealing with issues-based onslaughts.

However, social media has given activists a new weapon – and most companies find themselves unprepared to cope when the new generation of “hacktivists” appears on their virtual doorstep. Unlike the letter-writing or stunts of old, which were somewhat limited in scope and visibility, social media and digital give activists a way to besiege a company in a long-term, high- profile manner.

This POV provides brands with an overview of new forms of activism, in which organized groups or individual citizens leverage online and social media platforms as part of broader issues campaigns.  Explore the document below for insight into this trend, and guidance for a five-step readiness framework that can help your brand anticipate and react to potential attacks.

Published by

Kaitlyn Wilkins

Digital Influence Strategist