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Little Tweets, Big Data

IBM and Twitter have recently announced a ground breaking collaboration that will forever change how we interpret social data. This partnership will allow all data streams from Twitter to be fed into IBM’s cloud-based analytics, customer engagement platforms and consulting services, thus creating a new class of data.

Businesses will now be able to gather and organize the millions of tweets that go out daily on the social platform, expressing users’ every thought, want, interest and opinion on endless topics. This provides marketers with a powerful new perspective on consumer insights, not only providing real time sentiments, but also providing the ability to anticipate market trends or demands. Enterprises will be able to incorporate Twitter data into their decision making process via IBM tools, cloud- based solutions and consulting services. This includes IBM Watson Analytics, a new cognitive computing service that delivers predictive analytics and data visualization to the palm of your hand in conversational terms you can actually comprehend.

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This collaboration comes off the wave of another recent announcement made by IBM of their partnership with Apple to develop mobile enterprise apps for the iPhone.  This deal definitely opens up IBM enterprise apps to the floodgates of social data.

As social media professionals, we often use traditional listening tools to gather insights into conversations happening online surrounding our brand or industry. However, it is still a very manual process and we are not always able to see the greater picture in terms of what other inputs may be affecting our data. These tools provide the data, but the analysis and interpretation is still a process. With the computing powers of IBM, we are now able to gain powerful insights into what the world is thinking in real time, making sense of the millions of inputs to better predict where specific industries are trending and why. Further, using the power of Watson, the interpretation and visualization of extensive data is done for us, with inputs we may never have thought relevant to include.

More and more agencies are now realizing the true potential of big data and how vital it is to the success of creative ideas if you want to stand out amongst competitors. This is not to say that the creative process should be more risk averse and purely based on analytics, however it is important to understand the root of each concept and be able to accurately target your audience in a unique way.  Having a more organized and efficient way of obtaining Twitter data will ultimately provide enterprises and agencies with greater tools to tap into the minds of our consumers, enabling us to predict what they want when they want, perhaps before they even know. These new emerging tools are allowing us to use data for the purpose of looking forward as opposed to traditional tools that only allow us to look in the past.

So, how is data changing the way you work?

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