Our Transformative Offering

Since its launch in February 2012, Social@Ogilvy has ignited buzz surrounding the growing need for social initiatives within integrated campaigns, enhanced collaboration among the different Ogilvy groups and delivered business solutions for clients across all marketing, PR and advertising disciplines. But how did it all begin?  How do the different Ogilvy practices work together to develop business strategy?  What results will Social@Ogilvy bring to clients?  What has been the reaction from internal and external audiences?  And finally, what are Social@Ogilvy’s long term goals?

Ogilvy PR’s Global CEO Christopher Graves answers these questions and more in a candid discussion with PRWeek’s Frank Washkuch.  Watch the interview to learn how Ogilvy PR’s original 360° Digital Influence practice evolved into the groundbreaking Social@Ogilvy and how this transformative new offering is bridging silos and setting precedents in disciplines from social shopping to CRM to satisfy clients like never before.

PRWeek's Frank Washkuch speaks with Chris Graves, global CEO of Ogilvy Public Relations, about the strategy behind Social@Ogilvy.