Placing Our Bets for CES 2015

This week is the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, in Las Vegas. The event is a gathering of global importance where we can see many of the emergent trends that affect consumers and our clients.

As CES kicks off, here are a few things we look forward to hearing more about over the coming days:

1. Beyond the Wrist: Wearables have – so far – mostly been about what device can fit on the wrist. And we guarantee they will continue to be a big feature at CES 2015 but what about the rest of the body? We’re keen to see wearable technology integrated into more items that suit our busy, mobile lifestyles. Don’t think Google Glass. Think smart textiles in workout gear like Athossmart fabrics for pillows or printable fibre batteries conceived by Dan Steingart at Princeton.

2. Blurring of Devices: We’ll see tablets the size of lightweight laptops, smartphones the size of tablets, and Ultrabooks (originally started by Intel) that are in a whole new category, somewhere on the spectrum between tablets and laptops. Devices will come in all shapes and sizes and the distinctions between their classification will be blurred. It shouldn’t matter though: the focus needs to be on features and usability. Amy Messenger has her eye on this and will be posting updates to OgilvyDo throughout the week.

3. Hyper-local Targeting Technology is Popularized: The functionality exists but who is really using it properly? After experiencing it at CES, we expect to see a lot more brands to implement hyper-local targeting technology. Brandon Berger, Ogilvy’s Global CMO predicts hyper-local will expand even further to context aware technology.

4. The Selfish Innovations: We’ll see a LOT of innovations that will help you live more efficiently, easily and effectively. How can people measure, monitor and track themselves? How can technology connect aspects of their lives not yet connected? We’re thinking innovations for smarter dressing rooms; smarter home electronics like the Emberlight; and smarter health and wellbeing monitoring.

What do you look forward to hearing from CES 2015? Tell us in the comments below!

Our Global MD, Thomas Crampton, is on ground at CES. Follow him to see what he’s up to and hear his views as the event unfolds. We’ll also be covering the event, so check back here and follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels for updates.