Google+ Same Sex Couple Marry Live

Same Sex Couples Marry Live On the Internet, via Google+

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An Alternative Way to Showing Support vs. Violent Demonstrations.  Watch the case with Google + Hangout by Ogilvy & Mather France.

O&M France got passionately behind non-profit organization, Tous Unis Pour L’Egalite, and its cause to ensure equality of rights for same sex couples to be married in France.  The solution proposed by the Agency was to use the Internet and Google + Hangout technology, seek out a mayor in a Country where same sex marriage is law, and create a symbolic marriage ceremony of couples in France coming together in holy matrimony, sanctioned in marriage by the Mayor, live on the Internet.  And while the cause has now finally been ruled in favor of Same Sex Marriage in France, there’s more to do as O&M France and its enabling partner, Google +, expand its initiative to other countries where the important Bill continues to deliberate.

Said Chris Garbutt, CCO Ogilvy & Mather France, “Today technology allows new possibilities in life that break traditional boundaries and accepted rules. What might be a struggle to overcome in real life is made possible for the first time ever on Google Plus.”

See the emotional, life changing case that’s been captured to-date.  And with your engagement, the initiative will continue to grow because now we’ll marry you from France — live on the Internet.