Social Media Matters: We’ll be Back

On the 7th September 2012, Social@Ogilvy and Branded brought to you Asia’s highest-level forum focused exclusively on social media – Social Media Matters. The event included some of the most prominent names in social media in Asia, including Gopi Kallayil, Chief Evangelist at Google Brands; Joseph Chen, Chairman and CEO of Renren; Sandy Carter, Social Business Evangelist at IBM; and Yang Bo, Founder and CEO of Douban. In all, 525 senior executives from 250 companies around Asia gathered at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong. Here’s the “Official Highlights” video:

Here are some of the statistics we achieved on the day:


  • 525 top level Asia executives from 250 major brands attended
  • 250 companies represented
  • Over 4,000 social media mentions
  • More than 3,000 YouTube views
  • 527,000 reach on Twitter alone*

We’ve gauged that Social Media plays a primary role for business in Asia. However there is still reluctance by companies to fully engage and adapt to this change (For details of Ogilvy’s study in partnership with research firm IPSOS, check out our Infographic). Our hard-nosed look at social media was catered for skeptics who dared to challenge orthodoxy and ask, ‘Does Social Media really matter?’ Here are some of the insights we learned from the event:


  • Connect with Mobile: Gopi Kallayil revealed that there are 1 million new mobile Android users who come online every single day. This makes social media the most pervasive technology in human history and gives brands an unprecedented opportunity to connect.
  • Listen and Engage: Go beyond to develop insights that improve your products and services. Paolo MercadoHead of Marketing at Nestle China gave a great example of social media’s power to connect brands with consumers by demonstrating the success of Nestlé’s BeNana (笨Nana) campaign. The campaign attracted over 10 million fans to the site and made Nestlé the number one trending brand on Weibo from May to June 2012.
  • Measuring Success: Brands have traditionally looked at social media metrics from a PR perspective and a lot of marketers are used to thinking only about direct effects from media. For example, ‘Our Time Magazine article got us 1,000,000 impressions.’  ROI is more than just likes, fans and impressions, it’s about shifting from ‘activity’ to ‘value’ metrics: increasing revenue, deflecting costs, moving brand perceptions and preference. For full details, check out the presentation given by Walter Carl, Founder of ChatThreads on The 3 Myths of Social Media ROI.
  • Social Business: Leading companies are seizing on opportunities to create real business value – moving from using social technologies for basic communication to driving disruptive change in their industries. Using this structure of the Social Business Agenda, here are some of the main objectives to consider in order to become a truly social business:

A – Align Organisational Goals & Culture

G – Gain Social Trust

E – Engage Through Experiences

N – Network Your Business Processes

D – Design for Reputation & Risk Management

A – Analyze Your Data

On behalf of Social@Ogilvy, I would like to thank all attendees of the Social Media Matters event as well as the thousands of you who followed the event on Twitter. For more information about Social Media Matters, please visit and stay tuned for information on the next Social Media Matters event.

A version of this was originally posted on Asia Digital Map