Social@Ogilvy Named As Member Of Tumblr “A-List Partnership Program”


On November 13, 2012, Tumblr announced their new A-List Partnership Program. We are proud to announce that Social@Ogilvy was selected to be a part of this elite group of creative agencies. This partnership provides Social@Ogilvy, and our clients, with top-level access to Tumblr, its staff, and knowledge of new innovations before the rest of the marketplace learns of it.

Details of this partnership include:

  • Agency staff training on the Tumblr platform.
  • Regular seminars given by Tumblr staff on topics relevant to the platform.
  • Hands-on support and communication via a dedicated Tumblr employee contact.
  • Access to Tumblr’s feed of content for testing and prototyping new initiatives on the platform.

“We couldn’t be happier with the early success that brands have had using Tumblr to tell stories, and we’ve been honored to work with some of the most creative and talented agencies around the world,” said Rick Webb, Marketing and Revenue at Tumblr. “We’re so excited to step up our service and to offer these great partners another level of the Tumblr experience.”

There are numerous examples of how brands are using Tumblr here.

How can YOU or your brand maximize Tumblr’s potential?  Here are seven tips which help convey why Tumblr is a visual storyteller’s favorite platform:

1. Tumblr is built on seven functions: Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio, Video.

2. Gifs (pronounced “Jifs” like the peanut butter) are one of the main forms of communication on the platform. They spread like wildfire, and animated gifs live a life of their own that usually begin on the platform, and then spread to other platforms. Brands should figure out a way to tap into this behavior around the story they are telling.

3. The platform functions like a blog, with the interactive capabilities of a social network. Tumblr is centered around an interest/social/creator intersection, where one may follow others and reblog their content to their followers, while also showcasing content they create.

4. The iOS mobile app is 100% native. [TechCrunch]

5. The platform is growing at a rapid rate:

[Photo source: Quantcast]

6. There is no way to “comment” on a Tumblr. Founder David Karp set it up this way on purpose to prevent “trolling” and mean commenting that exists on platforms like YouTube.

[Photo source: Forbes]

7. David Karp noted about the future of Tumblr, and how in the future, Tumblr may allow monetization of individualized blogs. Here are David Karp’s thoughts captured on video.