Weekly Roundup: Twitter’s New Icon, Slo-mo Video on Snapchat, YouTube’s VR Move, and More

Last week saw Twitter completely throw in the towel in terms of differentiating themselves from other platforms (not everyone hates it), Jon Stewart is coming back and JT showed up at the CMAs and blew our minds. And the social media world kept turning:

  • People are watching a ton of video on Facebook [for three seconds]
  • Snapchat made slo-mo video possible
  • Medium finally lets you block the jerks
  • You can now accidentally buy things on Instagram in addition to accidentally liking pictures when stalking people
  • BONUS: The Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) had their annual summit this week and it was full of great learnings about storytelling, activating advocates and measuring effectiveness. Find the Top 10 Lessons here.

Have a great week!


Facebook Hits 8 Billion Daily Video Views

Facebook video viewership is growing by leaps and bounds. It now sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users. That’s up from just 4 billion video views per day in April. Some might contend that this stat isn’t totally accurate since Facebook counts just 3 seconds of watching as a “view”. But the 100% growth in seven months shows that even when controlling for this limitation of the metric, users are still voraciously consuming videos. Even at just 3 seconds per view, Facebook is generating 760 years of watch time each day. – TechCrunch


Insta-3D Touch and Insta-Apple Pay?

As if Instagram couldn’t get any more modern, they are now testing ads that will allow users to shop with new iPhone features like 3D Touch and Apple Pay. The goal is to make these ads as unobtrusive as possible so as to maintain the popularity of the platform with people of all ages.

As a slight blow to social media, digital celebrity, Essena O’Neill, caused a bit of a stir by revealing the truth behind many of her sponsored Instagram posts. Brands already know that many sponsored posts are staged, but do people? The shift in her social presence has brought an onslaught of “honest” posts from platform users around the world.


Periscope Plans to Further Intertwine with Twitter – What Marketers Want

Periscope founders are listening to marketers to better understand what next updates they should make to their app to better intertwine with the Twitter application. Ideas include Periscope videos living within Moments and the Twitter feed, direct message options, and data sharing across platforms. >>Read More

Twitter Users Not “Liking” The New Twitter Update

This week, Twitter reacted as the beloved, sentiment-less favorite star morphed seemingly reasonlessly into a like heart. But have no fear, smart people are already providing the tools for reclaiming the shape we all know and love. >>Read More

Also: These 4 Brands are Embracing the “Cashmoji” on Twitter


Virtual Reality 

YouTube is bringing virtual reality to life on their Android app. Using Google Cardboard and your smartphone, you can be immersed in an interactive experience for less than a pricey VR headset.


Snapchat Adds Slow-Mo, Fast-Forward, And Rewind Video Filters

Snapchat’s latest update is a new set of filters called “Speed Modifiers.” These filters can be applied to videos on iOS and Android. The modifiers allow you to add slow motion, fast-forward, or rewind effects to your snap videos. You can access the modifiers by swiping to the right, the same way you access the geo-tag or weather filters. Tech Crunch


Pinterest Launches Dedicated Shopping Section

After releasing buyable pins in June, Pinterest is making it even easier to spend all your time and money. Their latest update is essentially a store inside of Pinterest that is composed entirely of buyable pins. The Pinterest Shop will included trending collections of home decor, clothing, and jewelry. Individual retailers will also have the option to set up “shops” to highlight their own products.  Read More


Medium now lets users shield themselves from nasty comments

Blogging platform Medium, known for its interest in fostering intra-platform discussion, is now allowing writers to hide response posts. Read More

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Melanie TaylorCameron JoyeLaura GrahamLindsey MillsKate Acker, Toby PhillipsAustin DeArmanPam Franklinand Lauren Wesche.

Weekly Roundup: Snapchat’s New Ts&Cs, YouTube Red Free Trial, Google AdWords Turns 15, and More

Last week was mostly spent discussing a flip phone in Adele’s new video. Why? What does it mean? Are we going to ditch our iPhones? And there was a pretty serious SXSW backlash around gamers and digital harassment in video games and canceling planned panels in fear of violence. But when the money started moving they reconsidered. Good move (more below). And social platforms didn’t sit still either:

  • Did you hit ‘accept’ really fast on Snapchat? Warning.
  • Facebook is making sure you see ads no matter what flip phone you are using
  • You can get YouTube Red for FREE (no trick, just treat!)

Have a great week!


New terms and conditions and video filters (you choose what is more important)

Snapchat released a few things last week. (1) New terms and conditions that included this: You grant Snapchat a worldwide, perpetual, royalty-free, sublicensable, and transferable license to host, store, use, display, reproduce, modify, adapt, edit, publish, create derivative works from, publicly perform, broadcast, distribute, syndicate, promote, exhibit, and publicly display that content in any form and in any and all media or distribution methods (now known or later developed). Be afraid. Source. (2) A month after Snapchat debuted its new Lenses feature, the company is expanding its video feature set with what it calls “Speed Modifiers,” allowing users to add slow-motion, rewind, and fast-forward filters to their videos. Rather than puke rainbows, users will now be adding something closer to special effects to their Snaps. Rejoice. Source.


ICYMI: Twitter Debuts the Brand Hub

Twitter has new analytics tools it says will provide marketers with additional insight into brand conversations, audiences and trends. The Twitter Brand Hub, unveiled on Monday, is meant to give brands a “360-degree, real-time view” of their initiatives on the platform. But don’t expect access just yet. Twitter is only opening the hub to “big brand” partners, but should be opening it up to all brands later this year. And when it does, expect to be able to track metrics like share of voice much easier than before. >>Read More


VSCO and #MyStory

Last week, Instagram released Boomerang (for gifs). Well now, VSCO, the photographer’s platform, has released DSCO, which allows users to create short, looping GIFs that can be shared to VSCO profiles along with FB, TW, Tumblr, and IG. #Drama

In addition, a new campaign, #MyStory, encourages women to share their stories about what  makes them unique and show that IG is more about visual storytelling than selfies and food photos.


More Red

YouTube Red, the new paid subscription service, was announced last week and content creators are getting nervous because YouTube is launching a 30-day free trial for new Red users. YouTube has now assured video makers that they will still get paid even when YouTube Red users aren’t paying…

Adele broke every record except Psy’s when ‘Hello’ hit 100 million YouTube views in five days…Psy hit it in four. The Denver office will take credit for at least 20 of those views. Key Takeaway: Use a flip phone in your next music video to attract more views.


Pinterest Loses “Pin” Trademark Battles In U.S. and UK

Pinterest has been fighting to to have the word “pin” trademarked and they were unsuccessful. Travel startup Pintrips and Mobile directory Free118 won the fights in the U.S. and UK. Pinterest is not letting these setbacks stop them. They are in the middle of a case in Europe over a region-wide trademark on the word “pin”. Source

14 Halloween Pinterest Fails That Are Terrifying in All the Wrong Ways

If you need a good laugh. Click here


BuzzFeed and Vox Media Threaten to Bail on SXSW Unless Canceled Panels Are Reinstated

BuzzFeed and Vox Media are causing a bit of drama for the SXSW festival. They have threatened to pull out of the festival if conference organizers don’t reinstate their two panels. One of the panels is said to be related to harassment in the video gaming industry.



Google AdWords Turns 15

AdWords, a funky auction system for selling Internet ads that transformed a scrappy search engine called Google into a $400 billion-plus behemoth, is 15 years old. Happy birthday, AdWords! To celebrate, Google put out an infographic on some of the milestones of search ads. Back in 2000, only 350 advertisers were signed up with AdWords when it launched, paying prices at 1.5 cents, 1.2 cents and one shiny penny per impression to run ads next to keywords. Want to see what was hot (or not) back in 2001? Google can help with that.Source


You Can Now Follow Tumblr Searches on Your Dashboard 

Tumblr’s latest feature allows you to follow specific Tumblr searches, just like a blog. For example, if you’re searching for Drake Memes you can save that search and it will appear on your main dashboard page. The more dancing Drake the better. Read more


You Can’t Escape Facebook Ads, Even on Crappy Connections

If you thought you could escape Facebook ads because you were on a slower connection or lower-power device, think again. Facebook has developed the new slideshow ad option—”To make video ads easier to create and possible to watch on every device and connection speed,” the Facebook for Business team said in a blog post. The new lightweight video ads are built from a series of three to seven still images—pulled from an existing video, branded photo shoot, or a set of stock photos—that run for five to 15 seconds. With a small file size (not to mention reduced production cost and time), slideshow ads can be viewed on the most basic devices and the slowest connections. – Source

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Melanie TaylorCameron JoyeLaura GrahamLindsey MillsKate Acker, and Lauren Wesche.

Weekly Roundup: Facebook’s Universal Search, YouTube Red, and More


Now that we’ve all moved past the disappointment of not having flying cars or self-tying Nikes YET, we can focus on the important things like Adele’s new album, the World Series and making cartwheels go back and forth on Instagram. And if that’s not enough, there’s more:

  • Have you seen the polls on Twitter? You’re about to
  • If you need more than NetFlix, there’s now YouTube Red [yes, they are both red]
  • Despite our behavior displaying the contrary, CNN News is the most watched [What?!]
  • Get ready to be Zapped!
  • High five to everyone holding hands to tell bullies to back off

Have a wonderful fall week ahead!


Facebook is unleashing universal search across its entire social network

Almost a year ago, Facebook transformed the search bar normally used to find other Facebook users into a tool for finding what those users were saying. On Thursday, the company went one step further and indexed the entirety of Facebook’s 2 trillion posts making them searchable. It’s now a way to see what the internet is talking about in real time, in a way that only Twitter has ever mastered.  – The Verge


Quick Poll: Who Wants to See More Polls on Twitter?

Soon, Twitter users will be able to add polling functionality to their Tweets. Create a poll in your tweet for a quick opinion poll, to raise awareness about a new product, gauge interest in a topic or theme, and ultimately drive brand engagement. Participation in a poll will be anonymous, and when the poll is finished, those who voted may get a notification to check out the results. Reach more about the new feature here.

Also, now you can connect your Twitter & Vine accounts.

And just for fun, play this Choose Your Own Adventure game on Twitter. [and then ask yourself, how many twitter accounts can one person make?]


Remember – Snapchat has influencers too

In the last year – a lost of us have worked with YouTube influencers to create content for our brands. As Snapchat stars emerge, similar opportunities exists. Startups like Narativ offer to connect brands and agencies with influencers. We also have opportunities to work directly with stars and/or their management.


Boomerang for the GIF Lover

Instagram has released its third extension app after Hyperlapse (for time lapses) and Layout (for pic-stitching), and it’s called Boomerang (for gifs). This app allows users to create endlessly looping gifs, making it super simple to edit video content into 1-second video loops. And it can be portrait OR landscape.



YouTube Red, the new paid subscription service, will be locking some top influencer content behind paid requirements to bring new revenue sources into the platform. Red provides subscribers with ad-free service and access to exclusive content from influencers that have democratically risen to the top of the YouTuber pool. If creators that receive revenue from advertising refuse to join the Red community, all of their content will be hidden


LinkedIn Revamps “Groups”

If you were thinking “I want another LinkedIn app” — you’ve got one. The platform just launched another stand-alone app for its very popular Groups functions. It’s a much more intuitive interface, and you can do things like add pictures to conversations and cut down on the number of email alerts you get. Also, you may not be aware that some of our largest clients have very successful branded LinkedIn groups. Let us know if you’d like more information about engaging on that platform. More from LinkedIn here[HOW MANY APPS DOES LINKEDIN HAVE???]


CNN #1 In Digital News; Beats Yahoo News, BuzzFeed

CNN is on a winning streak for the most multiplatform views, meaning desktop and mobile. CNN also notes that they have more social media fans on Facebook and Twitter than Yahoo News and BuzzFeed. CNN sees 84 million unique visitors in a month. BuzzFeed follows with 77 million unique visitors. Read more


The Most Popular DIY Halloween Costumes, according to Pinterest

Pinterest has become a hub for Halloween costume inspiration. Whether you’re looking for something trendy, budget-friendly or for a large group, Pinterest has an answer. Business Insider pulled some numbers to see what the topped pin costumes were this year just in time for Halloween. Check it out


White House answers Tumblr’s LGBT questions on #SpiritDay

As part of #SpiritDay, the anti-bullying initiative launched by GLAAD that has turned everyone’s social media avatars purple on Thursday, Jarrett announced a White House Tumblr Q&A, inviting users to post questions related to LGBT policy. Read More


Periscope may add this button to its app, but what’s it for?

Periscope is preparing to add a new icon. It was shared via Twitter by a designer, which was retweeted by Periscope CEO and founder Kayvon Beykpour — but what could it be for? Speculation abounds. Read More


Zapstream launches Periscope-Snapchat hybrid

Let’s face it: For young consumers especially, live-streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat risk producing content that’s long and boring. Zapstream is targeting younger millennials and centennials (ages 0-18) with live streams that they can add special effects to and clip into 15-second “Zaps.” Read More

Social Industry

Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat Are All-In With New Anti-Bullying Emoji 

The Ad Council, a nonprofit that runs public-service campaigns, is promoting a new emoji specifically intended to combat online bullying. The idea is that people who witness bullying online can share the emoji to signal that the bullying should stop or that they support the victim. As the CEO of the Ad Council said, “This generation of kids, that’s [emojis] their language.” The campaign, called “I Am A Witness,” is launching for National Bullying Prevention Month. Many of the biggest tech companies out there are partnering with the Ad Council to get the word out, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple, Adobe, Snapchat, Whisper, and Kik. None of the companies are charging for the advertising, although they aren’t saying how much the ad space is worth. Snapchat filters alone can run more than $400,000 per day, so it’s not necessarily cheap real estate. Re/code

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Melanie TaylorCameron JoyeLaura GrahamLindsey MillsKate Acker, Toby PhillipsAustin DeArmanPam Franklinand Lauren Wesche.

Weekly Roundup: Snapchat’s Sponsored Selfie Filters, BuzzFeed’s Political Ads, and More

Last week, social platforms hosted a ton of news without making a lot of news. The first Democratic Presidential Debate provided tons of discussion, as did Jennifer Lawrence‘s outing of wage inequality in Hollywood. And CNN really screwed up by deleting Facebook comments from Bernie Sanders’ fans. (Lesson: screenshots are a real thing.) In other news:

– Snapchat ads are bloody expensive

– Not only smart people use Periscope

– BuzzFeed is jumping into the political circus (MILLENNIAL ALERT!)

There’s only 11 shopping days until Halloween – use them wisely!


Facebook plans to dethrone YouTube with a Video section

Facebook announced this week that it’s testing a new feature that will allow people to exclusively discover, watch and share videos that are relevant to them. Once rolled out, the new video feature can be accessed by tapping a “Videos” icon at the bottom of the Facebook app on iPhone or in the “Favorites” section on the left-hand side of News Feed on the web.

Facebook also knows you want to multitask while watching videos – so they’re testing out a picture-in-picture feature that would allow users to watch video content while scrolling through the News Feed. With almost 1.5 million users and an emphasis on video, Facebook may quickly become a viable threat to YouTube’s video kingdom once these features are rolled out. – Source



“Businesses have been an integral part of the platform’s ecosystem since we began…” says Instagram in a blog post. As proof and to serve as a source of inspiration for businesses working to break into the platform, Instagram has launched @instagramforbusiness, highlighting the best in visual advertising. Each week, they’ll run exclusive, behind-the-scenes stories that inspire, inform and showcase work by brands, small businesses, and creative agencies. [Don’t rush there – they’re not rushing to populate it yet.]


It was hard for the platform to announce any platform innovations this week, because they were busy making headlines in other ways. New CEO Jack Dorsey announced an 8% layoff of redundant engineering staff and Steve Ballmer leaked his 4% share in the company finally rebounding the stock price.


Competing with Twitch

Now YouTube Gaming makes it possible to live stream your gaming from mobile and watch your favorite gamers live stream as well. In addition, you can sponsor your favorite gamers with a sponsorship subscription fee for a dollar cheaper ($3.99) than Twitch. Further monetization of your favorite YouTube influencers.


Snapchat charging brands $700,000 PER DAY for selfies

In another sign of the pending apocalypse, Snapchat is reportedly charging brands up to $750,000 PER DAY to run sponsored selfie filters, according to BuzzFeed and FastCompany.

For those of us on slightly smaller budgets, here are 10 hidden tricks to make snapchat better from Mashable


Tumblr is Recycling Usernames That Haven’t Been Accessed for Years

For a month now the social blogging site has reached out to inactive users, warning them that if they don’t reactivate their accounts within two weeks, Tumblr will “allow their URL(s) to expire.” Read More


Pinterest Will Automatically Add Venue Information, Like Phone Numbers, To Place Pins

Pinterest’s latest update improves upon its Place Pins. Pinterest may be the new place to plan trips. According to their blog, location information including a map preview, address, phone number, and opening hours will be automatically added to every place. Tech Crunch


BuzzFeed Launches Native Video Political Advertising 

BuzzFeed to launch native political advertising in hopes to reach millennials. The ads will be clearly marked to help distinguish from original BuzzFeed content.  Politico  


Law Enforcement’s New Favorite App

Live broadcasting is inviting more idiots to the party trying to share very dangerous [and stupid] activities for the world to see. Exhibit A: a drunk Floridian Periscoped her drive home while saying she’s drunk. Incidences such as this provide cops the extra assistance in catching criminals, while essentially providing evidence of illegal activity that can later be used against the criminal. There’s a lesson here, heed it. Source.

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Melanie TaylorCameron JoyeLaura GrahamLindsey MillsKate Acker, and Lauren Wesche.

Weekly Roundup: Facebook Emojis, Twitter Moments, and More

It’s a wonder we made it through last week of really important events, like McDonalds serving breakfast All. Bloody. Day. The Republicans can’t find a Speaker of the House. And all the sports in the world are happening at the same time as the NBA, NHL, NFL, college football, premier futbal and MLB are active right now. Zero reason to leave the couch. But the social media industry keeps on pushing forward. Some highlights:

– Facebook totally lied about the Dislike button but you will be able to show emotion soon (note: anger is the funniest – which might not be the intent)

– People hate Instagram ads (duh)

– Who needs an e-commerce site if you have Pinterest?

– BONUS: Reddit is trying to be friendly again


Facebook Tests Emoji Reactions to Fix Its ‘Dislike’ Problem

Last month, during a town hall Q&A, CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a declaration that could hugely change the way the social network’s nearly 1.5 billion users use the site: that Facebook is working on a type of “dislike” button. Now, it’s official: Facebook has confirmed to Techcrunch that it has begun testing “Reactions,” six emoji that express a range of emotions beyond what a simple thumb can. That range of emotions include emoji for “like, love, haha, yay, wow, sad, and angry.” – Wired


Twitter Moments Debuts, Bringing Us the #NOW of Twitter

If you haven’t noticed already, the next time you sign into Twitter you’ll find a new option in your footer navigation (on mobile) or header navigation (on desktop):Moments – bringing you the best of Twitter at the moment in an instant. Moments reveals the videos, photos, and tweets behind news stories and events as they unfold on Twitter and Twitter-owned products such as Periscope and Vine. See how it works here, and learn why advertisers are having a moment for Moments.

Also this week… whistleblower Edward Snowden joins Twitter, skyrockets to more than 1MM followers and follows one person — his buddies at the NSA. Here’s a few observations about this news.


50% of Instagram Dislikes Ads?

Over 400mm users worldwide, 77mm in the US alone, and 974 were polled following the increase in ad increase several weeks ago. Despite their loyalty to the app over other social media alternatives, more people are voicing their negative opinions about the increase in ad frequency. Before the increase, just 41.4% of users were unhappy about the ads, now 58.3% are unhappy that Instagram has turned to the advertising dark side. In fact, one star responses to the app have increased by 180%.

Implications: Increase in truly quality advertising on Instagram, rather than ads that are not fit for the platform. Or just stay away from ads all together and continue growing a truly engaged audience organically. [SIDEBAR: OR INSTAGRAM ASKS A LOT MORE DEMO QUESTIONS AND SOMEHOW I ONLY GET ADS FROM CIROC AND GREY GOOSE AND TIEKS.]

Note: Ads are, as expected, decreasing organic engagement on Instagram, as seen with all other social channels before it.


Losing out to Facebook Video Ads?

Video content has taken social media by storm over the last few years and the front runner for advertising isn’t YouTube as one might presume. 36% of 1,000 advertising professionals surveyed felt Facebook ads were better than YouTube’s when referencing a return on investment. With a projected $7.77 billion spent on video ads this year, most are turning funds to Facebook with video and many will turn to Instagram in 2016.

In addition, a first for the film industry, Paramount has unlocked a vault of films for viewing on YouTube.


Get used to answering the question “what’s our Snapchat strategy?”

As more and more brands target millennial and as Snapchat continues to grow and it’s ad platform matures – we’ll probably continue to be asked how we plan to leverage this new platform. And for good reason.

Snapchat is poised to overtake Facebook for Video Supremacy, more and more organizations are taking up ‘snapping’ to reach young people. Even college admissions offices. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is all over Snapchat trolling Donald Trump. Advertising still require a significant investment, but this could be a very good time to start building a presence for the right clients that want to reach this audience.

Sources: CIOTodayMSNBC


Periscope Now Has an Embeddable ‘On Air’ Button for Broadcasts

Periscope now has an On Air button for websites that tell everyone when a broadcast is live. Read More


Medium’s Redesigned Website Wants to Bring Us Back to Blogging

Medium has a new suite of features and a fresh design that it hopes will help transform the platform into the go-to reading and writing hub for the internet. Read More


Will Reddit’s Stand-Alone News Site Be A Safe Haven for Advertisers?

Coming off a summer of upheaval, Reddit is looking to get back into the public’s good graces with its first stand-alone property, a news-focused site called Upvoted. Upvoted will look to cull news stories from Reddit threads, attempting to recapture some of the traffic other news sites get by taking stories from its popular forums. Each story on Upvoted will indicate who originally posted the story and its original Reddit thread. The Upvoted story will also be added to a special Reddit forum.



Pinterest Is Localizing Search Because Half of Its Users Live Abroad 

Around half of Pinterest’s 100 million active users live outside the U.S. However, their feeds are flooded with American traditions, recipes, and outfits. Going forward, Pinterest plans to localize their search results. The localized results are first rolling out in France, Brazil, Germany, and Spain. Re/Code  

Pinterest Adds New Commerce Partners, Doubles Number of Buyable Pins

Pinterest announced that it partnered with three new commerce platforms, Bigcommerce, IBM Commerce and Magento, to make buyable pins available to thousands of additional merchants. This has allowed for rapid growth. In just a few months Pinterest has gone from 30 million to 60 million buyable pins. Forbes

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Melanie TaylorCameron JoyeToby PhillipsLaura Graham,Austin DeArmanLindsey MillsKate Acker, and Lauren Wesche.

Facebook Continues Africa Domination With 2G News Feed

Facebook is the most popular social network in Africa with over 120 million monthly active users across the continent.

Sounds impressive right? But given Africa’s 1.1 billion population, it equates to only 10.9% of Africa’s population as Facebook users.

Plus, of those users, 57% are accessing via a feature phone so potentially not having the best user experience.

How can Facebook convert more African users? Change the product. 

Facebook has done exactly that and rolled out a 2G news feed; that is, a News Feed that has a good user experience regardless of your internet speed and type of phone.

Facebook’s 2G News Feed involves tech updates to conserve data and shift the focus from multimedia content to text, specifically:

  • Less video content for users who select the 2G experience. Instead, they’ll get more links and text content.
  • Fancy technology called Network Connection Class that enables Facebook to keep loading content as a user is consuming content on screen.
  • Priority downloads done on a post-by-post basis, instead of a group of Newsfeed posts.
  • Progressive JPEG photo formatting which shows a low res version of the image (instead of a blank screen) while the higher res version is downloading.
  • If a connection is exceptionally slow (or non-existent) then the News Feed will display the last seen stories, instead of an annoying blank screen.

Facebook’s Head of Africa, Nunu Ntshingila, was at our Ogilvy Africa HQ earlier this week and emphasized the importance of needing to adapt the platform to the local region because Facebook realized a one-size-approach is no longer effective. Last month Nunu was quoted as saying, “At Facebook, we have a saying that we’re only 1% done, and this couldn’t be truer for Facebook in Africa.” Exciting times.

Other social media platforms will need to follow a similar path to achieve success in Africa. It would seem the popularity race is just getting started here. [‘Here’ is Kenya, by the way, as I’m setting up our Social@Ogilvy Africa teams!]

Weekly Roundup: Facebook’s Updated Profile Pages, Twitter Moving Beyond 140 Characters, and More

It’s October!

As we all run for our pumpkin spiced lattes and falling leaves selfies, the rest of the internet keeps moving. Sadly not so much for Congress as we spent most of the week arguing over StandwithPP. Or the gullible Facebook users that got all paranoid about Facebook not being private. PS – it’s not.

In other news:

– Facebook is changing! Prepare for confusion and dancing profile pictures very soon.

– Twitter finally got a CEO and decided truncating everyone’s thoughts might not be best.

– Taylor Swift finally made it to the update! Being a badass, no less.

– Buzzfeed takes on puzzles


Facebook Is Changing People’s Profile Pages

To keep its decade-old social network lively, Facebook is introducing five big changes to user profiles, which are viewed 4 billion times per day:

  1. The option to pin Featured Photos to the top of the profile
  2. Temporary profile pics
  3. Easier visibility controls for About info, including a new 100 character Bio field
  4. A mobile-centric design with centered profile photos plus big sections for photos and friends
  5. The ability to use a 7-second looping video as your profile pic.

The features begin rolling out and testing this week for some users. Together, these changes should make Facebook more visually stimulating and addicting. As other networks like Twitter introduce auto-play video like Facebook did, and Snapchat adds animated selfie lenses and its own profile GIFs, Facebook has to stay a step ahead in the graphic arms race. – TechCrunch [I mean if we’re being dramatic.]


Rumor Alert! Twitter Looking to Expand 140 Character Limit?

This week Re/Code reported that Twitter is building a new product that will allow users to go beyond the 140 character restriction, but it’s still unknown exactly what this looks like. The capability is described as the ability to publish long form content to the service. You can call the idea “140 Plus” – Twitter’s interim CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey is. Read the Re/Code report here.

In the meantime, Twitter keeps revealing ways to sell directly on the platform


More Consumers Follow Brands on the Platform

GlobalWebIndex found that 53% of Instagram users follow their favorite brands on the photo and video-sharing network. As a point of reference, only 44% of Facebook users follow brands on FB.

In addition, 44% of Instagram users conduct brand research on the platform. In summary, Instagram is pretty important. Source.


License to Download? 

Lobster, a great app used for licensing content has announced a partnership with Kobe other than top digital video platform YouTube. Now viewers can pay a one-time, flat download fee for a handful of YouTube videos. Talk about a new incentive for monetization! Techcrunch 


Tumblr Now Lets You Hide Your Blog From the Internet

Tumblr today introduced a feature that lets you hide your blog from the web so its content can only be viewed on Tumblr.com and in its native apps for mobile devices. Read More


Taylor Swift Employs Dedicated Team to Remove All Periscope Videos From Net

Taylor Swift has employed a dedicated team in order to remove all Periscope videos and other unlicensed materials of her concerts from the Internet. Read More

Doritos Is About to Try a 12-Hour-Long Periscope, and It Should Be Quite Smashing

Doritos on Thursday will introduce Canada to Doritos Collisions, featuring two types of chips in the same bag—at first, habanero and guacamole. To celebrate, BBDO Toronto has planned a mammoth, 12-hour Periscope broadcast in which all kinds of other collisions will occur—as objects will be fired at each other from cannons, with hilarity surely ensuing. Read More


BuzzFeed Is Revolutionizing the Crossword Puzzle

A recent Yale graduate turned BuzzFeed wunderkind plans to reinvent the way we perceive and complete crossword puzzles. (There is more to it than we think) BuzzFeed puts out a daily crossword puzzle, the audience for puzzles has skewed younger. Come mid-October, BuzzFeed will be publishing a collection of games that will contribute to the daily in-house crossword. Check it out. 


Pinterest CEO: Our Ads Are More Effective 

Although Pinterest is considered a social network, it’s different. People using the platform have one thing in mind: themselves. This makes partnering with businesses and targeting their ads a breeze. The promoted pins make a seamless appearance and have very low opt-out rates from users. Rates well below the industry according to CEO, Ben Silbermann.

Also: This Is The Ultimate Dream House According to Pinterest Users

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Melanie TaylorCameron JoyeToby PhillipsLaura Graham,Austin DeArmanLindsey MillsKate Acker, and Lauren Wesche.

Weekly Roundup: How Platforms Monetize Users, Periscope Not a Fad, and More

Happy Monday and Happy Fall!

Last week was a busy one! Stealing the headlines were the Papal visit and last night’s Blood Orange Moon, which we totally thought was a Halloween-inspired cocktail last week when the media started preparing us. (And that’s because it is. Thank you internet.) In other news:

  • Ad revenue per user is how platforms are monetizing YOU
  • Did the Christmas lights at Target this weekend freak you out? Blame Pinterest.
  • Periscope is not a fad

Have a wonderful last few day’s of [OMG] September!


Best Practices for Promoted Video

A new study by Twitter explores best practices for promoting a video on their platform. This includes humanizing your first impression, highlighting product value, aim to entertain, structure your storytelling and leverage the power of influencers. For the full report, click here.


And the second runner up is…

Instagram has officially surpassed Twitter in users! Just this week, Instagram has announced that they have 400 million users. That’s plenty of selfies, food photos, and TBTs for all to see. If there’s a place for your client on Instagram and they aren’t already there, now’s the time.


Since they claim YouTube Gaming ripped them off, spotlight please

When YouTube announced its new gaming-focused livestreaming program, YouTube Gaming, Twitch SVP of Marketing Matthew DiPietro released a statement reminding everyone that his company did it first. And, following YouTube Gaming’s robust, feature-laden launch, Twitch needed a serious update. Now, as announced at the first-ever TwitchCon keynote address, it’s getting exactly that. Source. [Key takeaway: TwitchCon is a thing.]


Congratulations! You’re Going to Make More Money for Facebook!

Facebook, like other social networks, makes the bulk of its money from advertising, and last quarter, each U.S. Facebook user generated $9.30 for the company, $8.63 of which came from advertising. Research firm eMarketer predicts Facebook’s ad revenue per user will increase more than 37 percent over the next two years, and as much as 50 percent for U.S. users.

There are really two main ways for Facebook to increase your value. It can either increase its ad volume (i.e. show you more ads) or it can start charging marketers more money for the ads it already shows you. In Facebook’s case, there’s a good chance it’ll be a little bit of both. Facebook isn’t the only place where your stock is rising. Twitter’s ad revenue per user globally is expected to grow, too, by more than 62 percent in the next two years. Again, more ads and more expensive ads are likely on the way. – re/code


Pin The Halls: 38 Million Pinterest Users Save 92 Million Holiday Pins

October is almost here and before we know it Christmas will be over. Just kidding. However, Pinterest hasn’t delayed pushing Holiday Pins. After a recent analysis of their 2013-2014 holiday season, pinners start pinning holiday themed content around September 1st.  Over 92 million holiday pins were saved and 43% of those pinners were millenials. Check out the rest of the infographic here.


Vertical Video Pays Off For Snapchat

According to Snapchat’s head of content, vertical videos have seen a 9 times higher engagement rate than horizontal video. Watching video is so popular that one Snapchat production company has even built a customized vertical kitchen. Snapchat continues to adapt to their audience’s behavior rather than try and change it.


BuzzFeed, Denied Credentials For Pope Visit

The Archdiocese of D.C. have been denying BuzzFeed reporter, Lester Feder, to cover the Pope’s visit since January. BuzzFeed News believes it is because a spokesman of Cardinal Donald Wuerl doesn’t approve of BuzzFeed’s coverage of LGBT issues. However, Feder, has reported inside the Vatican, covered the White House and Congress, and reported in 25 Countries. Source.


Did you notice that SlideShare is called LinkedIn SlideShare? 

If not, you’re not the only one.  The name change happened subtly a few weeks ago, coming about three years after its acquisition by LinkedIn.  Don’t expect huge changes to come with this rebranding, but one difference is that SlideShare users should be able to more easily access the profiles of people who post slide presentations and quickly get more background information. More from LinkedIn’s marketing blog here.


Now You Can See If Someone Screenshots Your Periscope Broadcasts

Periscope released an update today for iOS users that lets you see if people are taking screenshots of your videos. Read More

The White House Joins Periscope and Broadcasts Pope’s Visit

The White House used Periscope to live broadcast Pope Francis stepping off his plane and greeting the Obama family. More than 11,000 viewers tuned into the White House’s inaugural stream. Read More

Web Profiles for Periscopers

Periscope web profiles are finally here! Read More

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Melanie TaylorCameron JoyeToby PhillipsLaura Graham,Austin DeArmanLindsey MillsKate Acker, and Lauren Wesche.

Weekly Roundup: Facebook Targets Journalists, Rise of Cashmoji, and More

Last week was full of news of clock makers, jet takers and emoji stakers. (80% of those reading this will not make the connection of that sentence to this.) But there was [obviously] plenty of news in the world of social as well:

  • Facebook is trying to make Google obsolete for journalists
  • Learn what a Cashmoji is
  • Snapchat makes it way easier to vomit rainbows – in an fun way
  • Pinterest is HUGE



Facebook Tries to Lure Journalists Away From Twitter

Facebook is hoping to make it easier for reporters to surface and follow news on Facebook and Instagram as well as track down users’ reactions, photos, and videos related to news, sports, and entertainment. And now it’s created a free news gathering tool called Signal to help journalists do just that. Signal offers a dashboard where journalists can follow trending and emerging topics, track chatter around public figures on a leaderboard, and search to find public conversations, photos, or videos. Reporters can seek out stories and sources via hashtag or location on both Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram. – Wired


The Rise of the Cashmoji

Before today, you may have seen custom emojis on Twitter created specifically for special events like the VMAs and the release of the new Star Wars film. But Twitter got smart and realized that pretty much everyone wants their own emoji (duh), and they’ve decided to monetize. Starting with Coca Cola and the #ShareACoke hashtag/custom emoji that started trending on Twitter the day it was released. How much does a custom emoji ad campaign cost? We’ll likely know soon, but for now check out this Tech Crunch interview about the future of the Cashmoji.  [here’s to hoping they rename that soon]


With the 2016 election heating up, Twitter users can now make donations to their favorite presidential candidates in a tweet via a partnership with Square.


Mobile devices represent 60% of browsing traffic for shopping sites, but only 15% of purchases. This week, Twitter launched a partnership with the new API, Relay, to allow stores to publish their products directly in your newsfeed for instant purchase. Check out the announcement article from Relay/Stripe here.


A Whole New Way To See Yourself(ie)

If your Snapchat Feed was filled with people puking rainbows and aging 70 years, you’ve heard about Snapchat’s latest update. When you’re using the camera to take a selfie, press and hold on your face to activate the different lenses.  The second new feature to the update includes the option to purchase extra Replays. Lastly, you will be rewarded a Trophy when completing Snapchat milestones, such as 50,000 Snaps. Blog. 

Here’s a great POV from Social@Ogilvy highlighting how brands can use these features.


New Messaging Experience Comes to LinkedIn, Finally

You’ve probably realized that messaging is the cool new thing for social platforms (Facebook Messenger, longer DMs in Twitter). Now LinkedIn is joining the fun. They’ve been rolling out a new messaging experience that is supposed to feel more like a “chat-style” interface. They’ll also soon start letting you add stickers, emojis and GIFs — although, you may want to think twice before sending a winky-face emoji to a new business prospect. More details from the LinkedIn blog. 


Pinterest Hits 100 Million Users

Pinterest announced it crossed the threshold of 100 million monthly active users. In the last 18 months the number of searches on its service increased 81%. Buyable Pins are the site’s newest feature. Of Pinterest’s 50 billion pins, 30 million are buyable. Advertisers have found that Pinterest’s average customer coming from Pinterest spends 50% more than regular customers.Read more.


Periscope Has Introduced Web Profiles

The social platform has recently hit the 10,000,000 users milestone. In order to keep the growth going, Periscope created web profiles.  The web profiles could help create a little more engagement for desktop users. Source.


How Google Glitch Propelled BuzzFeed Into a $1.5 Billion Company

In a recent Recode Interview, BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti shared stories of the company’s early days. One of these stories included a scare that took away all of the company’s search traffic. Relying on Google to drive search traffic and social simultaneously turned out to be a huge mistake. There was a bug that Google thought BuzzFeed was promoting malware when it embedded videos. BuzzFeed forgot Google and turned all their focus to social media. They now dominate social media and are a $1.5 billion company. Source


Nescafé Declares the Brand Website ‘Dead’ As It Moves to Tumblr

Nestlé, one of the giants of the food industry, is trying hard to present a human face to its operations and products, and its latest move has been to convert its Nescafé.com website into a Tumblr blog. Read More

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Melanie TaylorCameron JoyeToby PhillipsLaura Graham,Austin DeArmanLindsey MillsKate Acker, and Lauren Wesche.

Weekly Roundup: Periscope’s Best Week Ever, Facebook’s ‘Shop’ Section, and More

Last week was the longest short week ever with a million conferences (#CMWorld, #INbound), the start of the NFL starring newly freed victim of conspiracy Tom Bradyand of course the Apple event on Wednesday when we all quickly planned how to spend our paychecks for the rest of the year. (For the record, the Apple TV news was really the most impressive. While watching a moving on Netflix just say, “Hey Siri, what did that guy just say?” and it will rewind 5 seconds.)

But of course there was also news around the non-stop innovation at social platforms:

  • Periscope had the best week ever
  • Snapchat proved that tweens don’t need their MTV on TV
  • Learn how a “Prepper” can help you build that bomb shelter you’ve been considering


Facebook Adds a ‘Shop’ Section to Pages

In its quest to keep people within the site, Facebook introduced a new sections to pages, called Shop and Services. With the new sections of Shop and Services, small business pages can display what they have for sale, or what services the businesses offer. Wait, your client doesn’t count as a small business? Stayed tuned, Facebook plans to build out similar sections in the future, so other types of business pages can have new ways to connect with customers.

There are more than 45 million small businesses using Facebook pages. Pages are growing at a rate of roughly 1 million per month. – Source


Twitter Opens Advertising in 167 More Countries

If geo-targeting for your Promoted Tweets campaign was too limited before, that might be changing now. Twitter now serves ads to more than 200 countries from 100,000 active advertisers. Check out the new advancements that could effect your next campaign. >>Read More

Plus: 16 Twitter Accounts That Will Make You Smarter


Snapchat proved a worthy second screen for MTV’s Video Music Awards:

12 million people watched the Snapchat Live Story from VMAs, technically exceeding the actual ratings of the broadcast and showing why brands are supporting alternative viewing options.

On TV, 9.8 million people tuned in, which represents the average viewership over the course of the broadcast, not necessarily the full tally of everyone who caught a portion of the show. On Snapchat, the average Live Story viewer watched for about three minutes, according to sources.

Source: digiday


These Are the Winners of the First Instagram Grants

Getty Images launched three $10,000 grants to support the work  of Instagram photographers. Each of the photographers’ styles were unique as they came from all over: Mexico, Russia, and Bangladesh. The three will also receive a mentorship from Getty Images Photography.

Because this some how feels important… Taylor Swift is officially the most followed person on Instagram with 45.5MM social media fans. Our condolences to Kim. [PS – IT IS IMPORTANT]


Tumblr Finally Makes “Reblogs” More Readable, Especially on Mobile Devices

One of blogging site Tumblr’s flagship features, the reblog – meaning the reposting of another person’s content onto your own site – is getting a significant makeover. Read More


Periscope Headed to Apple TV – and Enables Landscape View [APPLAUSE]

It was a big week for Periscope. On Wednesday they were part of the Apple presentation teasing out their integration with the new Apple TV so basically you can watch Periscope broadcasts on your TV (we’ll never be bored again). And ahead of that existing in October, they released an update to the app yesterday which allowed for landscape view (just hold your camera sideways), Facebook connectivity, the sharing the link of the broadcast and to replay a video that’s complete. [What did you do this week?] Source.


Meerkat Now Lets You Download Saved Streams to Your Computer

Not as impressive as Periscope’s week, but still showing evolution, Meerkat announced that users who save video streams they record can now log in to the app on the Web and download those streams. From there, it’s possible to watch streams offline — or upload them to other websites. Read More


Inside the Fascinating, Bizarre World of ‘Prepper Pinterest’

Pinterest has a new and quite different demographic, “Preppers.” They are considered avid DIY-ers, life hackers, and even give their tips for doomsday preparation. The total volume for prepper pins are up 87%. If you’re wondering what to do during a natural disaster, after job loss, or stock market crash, preppers have your answer! Check it out  

Compiled by our West Region strategists including Melanie TaylorCameron JoyeToby PhillipsLaura Graham,Austin DeArmanLindsey MillsKate Acker, and Lauren Wesche.