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Tips from HR: Build Trust With Your Recruiter





Applying for a new job can be stressful and intimidating. When a recruiter contacts you, it’s normal to be anxious about expectations that they might have.

But something that should be on the top of your list when it comes to landing your dream gig is building trust with your recruiter. So what does that mean exactly?

Your relationship with a recruiter shouldn’t be seen as a ‘transaction.’ As a recruiter myself, it’s my job to help you find that perfect fit for what you want to achieve in the long term, but I can’t do that without understanding you on both a professional and personal level. To combat this barrier and do my job successfully, I’m adamant about establishing trust with my candidates.

Here are three key pointers I’ve found are helpful in building relationships between potential candidates and myself:


Know yourself and drop the defensive guard

I love it when candidates are up front with me. Why? Because I can more effectively help them find the right role in the company now or in the future.

Let down your guard and let me help you. Whether it be salary expectations, long term career goals, what you’re willing to put up with day to day, etc., at the end of the day, I just want you to be honest with me.

For example, if the role requires you to dress in business formal attire but you wouldn’t fathom giving up those chucks, the role probably won’t be the right fit. But that’s okay – ultimately understanding the real you allows me to keep you in mind for future opportunities that will allow for you to wear those chucks.


Make me the priority

I don’t have to ask you if you want the job. That’s why you applied in the first place, right? But prove that to me. Make sure you’re replying to my emails and calls promptly.

To me, your response time is a direct correlation of your honest interest in the role. If you don’t show enthusiasm in moving along in the interview process in a timely manner, I won’t be as likely to have a vested interest in your success.


We are your #1 resource

As a recruiter, I know the ins and outs of the business, so take advantage of that! I can tell you things ranging from company culture to what a specific hiring manager’s expectations are and more. And even if I don’t know, I’ll do my best to find someone who can answer your specific question.


It might sound cliché but let me help you. That’s what I’m here for. Build that trust with any recruiter you’re working with because as I see it, trust will always be a prerequisite for success.