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The Social Imperative

Brands will spend between 17-18% of their total marcom budget on social media within 4 years. They will spend more on social business solutions. They are seeing value and expecting more every year.

The key reason? Ninety percent of us look to friends and family for the most trusted recommendations on products, service and issues. Seventy percent of us count on consumer opinions online above traditional media. And it’s only going to grow. Millennials are three times more likely than Boomers to look for a social opinion on choices they make.

The future is brand advocacy. And it cannot be faked, gamed, or outright ‘bought.’

There are only three ways to connect with and build a strong relationship with customers and stakeholders these days:

  • Deliver highly relevant content or service. This could be advertising, media relations or what we call ‘owned’ content (including valuable services). Now it’s all highly targeted and tailored. No more 360 degree ‘onslaughts’ of interruptive advertising. Now our messages must be deemed highly relevant to our targets to earn their attention. Lets use the ‘10 degrees’ that matter. Useful content to run a sustainable business from DuPont. Better ways to use member ‘points’ from American Express.
  • Be discoverable in search. When people search Google, Baidu or Yandex, brands need to be there for all the topics that intersect between a person’s intent and where the brand can add some value. Ford on fuel efficiency. Hellmann’s on Real Food recipes.
  • Earn our way into their ‘social graph.’  To succeed in social media, we must become genuinely valuable to the people we serve and earn their attention, their advocacy and their business.   Inviting people as VIPs into the launch of the new Ford Explorer in Facebook. Sparking a social conversation about the dreams of the next generation of Chinese from Johnnie Walker. Helping Hong Kong parents celebrate their baby pictures in a much bigger way from Huggies.

How we form opinions about products, services and issues is constantly changing. It’s imperative that we make social a new way we do everything.

What is Social@Ogilvy?

Social@Ogilvy is the global, cross-discipline team of social experts from across all of Ogilvy’s businesses delivering social solutions to all parts of our clients’ business. This is new. This is bigger than before. We have been designing and executing social media marketing and communications programs for more than seven years as 360 Digital Influence – a specialty practice born out of Ogilvy Public Relations. We quickly grew to deliver social solutions for all sorts of marketing and communications clients.

Now we have grown into Social@Ogilvy. We are a true global network with a common approach.

Integrated Social Media Matters More

The whole PR vs. marketing battle is moot. Social media will inform every discipline and deliver business value for the foreseeable future. Social media as a standalone specialty doesn’t make sense. All the power and potential in social-based solutions comes to life when you integrate it into marcom and other functions.

We design integrated social solutions that combine deep disciplines – like CRM, public relations and shopper marketing – and are rooted in what drives behavior.  We plan around owned, earned and paid media working together for a compound effect, and at its heart our work is ‘social by design’ – a phrase used now by Facebook but that captures what we do quite well.

A Global Shift

We do believe there’s a new customer and stakeholder journey defined by the increasing impact our networks have on purchase decision and our behaviors. How we buy, vote, and form opinions has changed. We tap into our 130 friends (the Facebook average) to discover, consider, compare, decide and rave about products, services and issues.

This shift is happening in one way or another all over the world. Growth markets like China, Indonesia, Brazil and Turkey will define the next episode of social media use. They are all growing their social network use and outpacing western markets including the US. That’s why we have grown the world’s largest global team delivering solutions relevant in each local market.  And it’s more than just marketing – we design social business solutions that use the collaboration and advocacy strengths of social media to drive value internally and in customer relationships while at the same time managing risk.

What’s up with 360 Digital Influence?

For seven years we have had a specialty practice born out of Ogilvy Public Relations called 360 Digital Influence. We started as a bit of a pirate ship and quickly became essential to many of marketing and communications clients across Ogilvy. We codified ‘best practice’ social media use and grew a global team. And, boy, did we grow.

It’s time for another step-change of growth. To deliver on social-everywhere, we are pulling the 360 Digital Influence team into the new, bigger, broader Social@Ogilvy team. Now, no matter what door you knock on at Ogilvy, you will get the deep expertise of our Social@Ogilvy team. The expertise and experts of 360 Digital Influence live on as a part of this new, global practice even while the name gets retired.

As Social@Ogilvy, we deliver remarkable experiences and relationships that drive advocacy and action.

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